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55555 DVD-Cloner

I've got a technologically retarded senior relative who's stuck in the age of the VCR. She asked me to make a VHS copy of a movie we had been discussing. I said I only had the DVD, but would see if I could make a VHS copy for her on my combo VCR-DVD player. When I tried that, I got a screen message on my TV that the DVD was copy protected, and the attempt was aborted. I then made a DVD copy of the movie using DVD-Cloner on my PC, and successfully duped a perfect tape for her. This is one great product!

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55555 DVD Cloner

DVD CLONER is the BEST!!! It makes perfect copies time after time and its easy to use. Just put your dvd in your dvd burner hit begin then it asks you if everything is ready you click yes. It copies the dvd. When its done less than an hour you take out the dvd put in the blank dvd and less than an hour your perfect dvd is done idiot proof.

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44444 DVDCloner

08JAN04. DVDCloner is a very good and easy to use product. Like someone else said it is click click click and there you are. There are two items that keep it
from being the top performer in my opinon.
One cannot choose the place for splitting
the movie(not a big deal), nor can one choose the audio stream. It appears to use the first sound stream listed which may not be AC3 or DTS surround(big deal for home theater). But it works on everything thrown at it, so far, and does
not get sidetracked by most scratches.

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55555 Quality, Speed, Ease of use, and Consistency

All included with this software. We've backed up our children's dvd's for when they've scratched the originals to death.

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55555 dvdcloner

it is great

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55555 Delivers on promises .... easy to use

This software costs around $60 but the worry that it protects you from is priceless. As a total newbie to DVD burning, I purchased 3 different software copiers and downloaded tons of "free" rippers and burners only to find that they all sucked big time.

DVD-Cloner was the only software able to copy any DVD from my collection, scrambled or not and then burn them with little or no loss of quality in either the video or audio.
It however, is not able as yet to perfectly duplicate a movie like Lord of the Rings which runs for close on three hours, onto a single disk. They will hopefully crack this soon.
I can literally back up a dvd with just :
1 click to open the software.
2 clicks to choose movie only or with features.
1 click to begin.
1 click to confirm that I want to begin.
1 click to confirm that I have entered a blank disc.
1 click to confirm completion.
1 click to exit software.

Grand total of 8 clicks only..... beat that.

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55555 Tested under

I ran it under trial and it worked without any glitches. because it is a "true" copy it works much faster than ripping the dvd files to vcd format. A lot less painless. I hate the fact of purchasing software - I'd rather find it free (any means possible), but this one may be worth purchasing.

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55555 dvd-cloner

This program is truly the best it allows to to burn dvd's onto on dvd blank disk you can't even tell the difference. dvd-cloner is the best dvd backup software on the market it was a great investment. the one key to remember is to know what kinds of disk you burner supports and then purchase a dvd player that alson supports that type of media.

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55555 dvd cloner

simply the best thing since sliced bread buy it you wont regret it i have spent over £100 on other so called dvd copiers and they are in the bin now 10 out of 10 for the dvd cloner

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55555 DVD cloner

this is the easiest way to make dvd copies I have found. I tired a couple different programs, but this one is the best

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