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Comodo Antivirus


Comodo Antivirus reviewReviews for Comodo Antivirus

22222 Can't recommend this

I recently uninstalled Comodo 2.0 Beta. It was far too buggy. Problems:
1) Like the 1.1 GA version, it insists on quarantining programs it identifies as "Not a Virus." Although I manually mark these files to be bypassed, occasionally an update comes along that resets my choices and it quarantines these programs AGAIN. Specifically, VNC and one of the utility programs that ships with Motorola's Phone Tools.
2) The CavEmSrv.exe process constantly locks up and prevents E-mail from being sent or read until it is cancelled via the task manager.
3) The HIPS process is anmesiac and "forgets" which programs you've already approved constantly. The data base is also too small, and too many commonly used programs are unknown to it.

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55555 Great - Not A Resource Hog

I used McAfee for a long time but found it a resource hog. Then the lastest version of its security suite made it virtually impossible for me to download my email so I uninstalled it. I ran Kaspersky's online scan and it found one virus in my system. Then I dowloaded the trial programme, installed it on my system and ran it. It found nothing! Now, either one of them must be wrong. I subsequently ran my system through Symantec's online virus scan and Trend Micro's online scan and they found nothing. So, going on my experience with Comodo Firewall Pro, I decided to give Comodo Antivirus a go and I am pretty satisfied with it. Its easy to install, easy to use and not a resource hog. The European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research says, "A good anti-virus scanner will spot a 'virus' inside an ARCHIVEe" and the Comodo Antivirus did.

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55555 Comodo anti4rus 2.0 beta 2.0

As part of testing the Comodo Firewall, I just out of curiosity installed this one free license/free download version (beta 2). It's first of all complete and simple to install and operate. Clean interface with sensible buttons. No hassle update and amazing free license offer. Another few hours of working seems to show quicker response compared to packages used/installed from other developers (need confirmation from other users). I'm waiting for a in-depth review featuring this anti-virus software and performance comparison. First look: some serious competition for 'other anti-virus developers', it's significant quicker (try WOW start/play/close), clean interface and above all FREE!!

Stays installed for sure!

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55555 Comodo Anti-Virus and Firewall

I have had Comodo Anti-Virus and Firewall for about a year now. I think it's the greatest. Once the Firewall is configured there are no problems. It catches what McAfee did't. As far as I am concerned it's the best free anti-virus and firewall availible. I don't have the problems that I had with Norton either but I do miss the Window Doctor that came with Norton Systemworks. All-in-all, I'm very satisfied with Comodo.

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44444 Comodo AV + FWALL + BoClean

After a BIG-Name AV+ Crashed my system a while ago, I tried the Free Products from COMODO. FW + Bo installed very quickly. Av is very a tough program to beat, it must have room to braeth as well as internet time to settle down. Please read the manual on how it tackles todays problems REM only install/Run ONE AV Program or you may be scrambled due to Exclusive Register entries. That said I have no problems. NB Comodo also do a free Backup program

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11111 Rate It As It Is!

Say what you want, I was very sure something was wrong during installation process as Windows XP kept asked for its' CD but I chose to ignore it! I do not claim to be an expert in AV, but this proggie I installed after I reformatted my computer and it crashed the computer so i don't see what other programs can cause this! Anyway, when I have the time, I will personally set up another PC just to test the products from this company. Until then, no way jose!

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11111 Comodo A/V

I tried the software as I heared Comodo had fixed the problems. Oh no they haven't - it trashed my newly built and configured PC, trashing my hard drive including hal.dll and my xp authorisation. I've removed every trace of Comodo inc their firewall as these programmers are far too untrustworthy ever to believe in any product they build. Do not go there.
I am an expert in IT!!!!!

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11111 Do Not Use!!!

I just reformated my PC and installed this so-called wonderful program. After installing, rebooted the computer. Hung! Discovered that ntkrnl.exe and ntdll is missing. Manually recovered both files but everytime Windows boots up, it's still installing something! I deleted each and every installer I downloaded from Comodo despite it's FREE!!! Will stick to my trusted AVG, Anti-Virus

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55555 Comodo AntiVirus

I run Comodo AV & FW on several PC's running WinXP. It's great. Never had a prob. Works fast. Small RAM usage. Unlike latest AVG, it does not crash emails. Severe checking, which is great. the negs I read here are obviously from other users program probs. Hey guys, if you got probs with Comodo, it is your system or programs installed! Not Comodo.

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55555 CAV is a winner!

I've been using CAV now for more than 8 months. It has detected 3 different viruses in that time. Updates are usually once a day. User interface is clean and friendly. Plenty of tweak-able settings for the power user. I've recommended this AV to all of my family and friends and they have not had any problems either.

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11111 Comodo Anti-"Support"

I installed the CAVS and all hell broke loose almost immediately. There is no un-installer for it. Even the manual un-install that they provide does not work for me. My system crashes many times a day. I keep getting this pop up window saying "Please wait while windows configures comodo anti-virus". Support form the forum and even the CEO has been mimimal at best. Plese check out the forum post on the CAVS before possible screwing up your system.

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55555 Comodo antivirus

Terrific product. Seems very effective in detecting viruses and has good support. To top it off, it's completely free!

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55555 Better than AVG !

Easy to use, fast, updating frequently.
Works excelently with Comodo firewall.

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55555 comodo antivirus

maybe one af the best free antivirus. you must try an the comodo firewall. An excellent protection.

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