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SoundTaxi Platinum


SoundTaxi Platinum reviewReviews for SoundTaxi Platinum

11111 BE WARNED !!!

I have a brand new built, high-end machine running flawlessly with WinXP SP2 and just trying to install SoundTaxi crashed my system, and trashed all my sound & ide drivers. Hours to get all back working again.

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11111 This software is dangerous

After installing this software I had a lot of system stops on Windows XP Professional SP2 which I had never before. No normal system stops: I wasn't able to open the task manager. This is the badest software I ever saw and it's dangerous for a stable PC. After this experience I found a lot of comments which saying the same

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44444 It's Good - But There's a lot of Hype

I use Tunebite and it is very good. However I downloaded SoundTaxi after seeing it mentioned on many many forums. It does work very well although it converts to a VBR rather than a specific compression level such as 128 or 192. This may cause some problems with your MP3 player reporting the wrong length of sound file.

One point I have noticed is that there are a lot of postings to many many different forumns, written in poor Engish, all giving 'glowing' reports about it. I suspect most if not all are the work of the publishers (from the Ukraine) boosting the hype to get it taked about.

That said, there are a few irritating little bugs in the software, but on the whole it works well.

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55555 Sound Taxi

Best DRM convertor on the Net! Well worth paying $14

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33333 Great concept - but some issues!

Tried installing on Windows XP Pro running via "Bootcamp" on an Apple Macbook Pro and it blue-screens the machine. (Seems to have issues with the sound driver.)

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