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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition


AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition reviewReviews for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

55555 the best----excellent

not popular as Norton and rest those just got the "name" but AVG free is so effective and easy to use. The updates are great...I honestly hope it works after 2007 although I doubt thats gonna happen. Best anti virus stuff ever

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55555 Great

I only installed AVG today but it seems to be working its found 3492!! threats so far and its only been running 20mins I had Nortan for a year or so but it slowed my PC right down so I got rid of it. so far this has been alot easier to use.

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44444 AVG Antivirus

it's being discontinued in January 07, I believe. Saw in on AVG's website.

BTW, AOL ISP people do a free antivirus scan which is actually a proper antivirus programme, not just a scan only programme.

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44444 AVG (Free Edition)

I've spent the past two hours reviewing different anti-virus programs, and I'm convinced that AVG (free edition) will do just as good a job as any! My Norton anti-virus just expired a day ago, but it was making my computer really slow (and interrupting almost EVERYTHING i did), so I decided to see what else is out there. I'm excited to use AVG b/c I'm an avid internet user (I spend 5-6 hours a day online) and I need something reliable that wont slow things down and frustrate me. I'm about to download it right now, but I thought I should share my opinion with ya'll! Also, for those of you complaining about the inflexible update schedule and customer support, AVG FREE Edition is NOT supposed to have those features! Why? Because they want to make money (like everyone else) and their paid products have those and many more features. I found that out from their official website. I'm glad I read it all so I know what to expect or not expect from this program. CHECK OUT all the features it does and does not have:

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55555 AVG Anit-Virus

Why pay for something when you can get AVG free. Doesnt make sense. Thanks again AVG.

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55555 free version

downloaded a copy of the free version for my lenovo thinkpad. deleted the norton that had been on the laptop before ran the install prog and it is great no problems at all, updates are frequent and quick. Why pay for other progs that are not as good.

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44444 mcafe or avg

im new here and i want to know if mcafee is better or avg....mcafee came in my comp so which one shohld i pick....ty for your time.

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55555 The Best Anti Viral Package

The complete anti virus shield you will ever need. Light on resources and free daily updates. AVG has allowed me to unload norton on my PC and life could'nt be better. Don't think twice - if you are a SOHO user This Is It!

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44444 AVG

I was a user with mcafee for some time, and it told me I could update the whole program for fee, this sounded good, but then to my horror the new macafee slowed down my computer so much I just cried lol, so I uninsatlled it and put in AVG Free which has been really cool and easy to use so all good from me

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44444 AVG Antivirus

I personally think that AVG antivirus the free edition is phenomenal in performance. Its shield does not slow down the PC and it does a fantastic job of restricting virus. Its email scanner is also good, only that it does consider all the files with exe extensions in the mail as a virus and moves the same to the Virus Vault. All in all it does a fantastic job as compared to the other paid big-wigs like Norton Antivirus and Mcaffee. Good job Grisoft.

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55555 Excellent Product

As a System Administrator, I realise that having a proper security setup is of paramount importance for any PC. I have been using AVG Free Edition on my personal computer at home for years, and couldn't recommend it more. It is not a memory hog like other Anti-Virus products, and has always picked up any nasties that have found their way onto my PC. Being so impressed with AVG Free Edition, I now solely recommend AVG Network Edition to my clients for their businesses.

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55555 AVG gets it done

Solid little AV program that doesn't slow my machine to a kludge as did a certain NAV 2006 products.Less bells and whistles, more substance.

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55555 Best Anti-Virus Software by far

Norton is terible and imho is a virus itself.

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55555 Daily updates to AVG

No doubt, AVG is great and free. But are there _really_ daily updates to it? I have been checking for last couple of days and EVERYDAY there is an update. Has anyone noticed this?

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11111 Poor virus/malware/spyware detection

Alas, I used to be an advocate for AVG. Then there was an IE holes that allowed viruses/malware in through browser... AVG would rarely if ever at all catch these. It was finally patched by MS however the inability for an antivirus program to see these viruses was a major flaw.
To clean it up: windows antispyware (now called windows defender) and avast! antivirus.

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