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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition


AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition reviewReviews for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

55555 AVG

This program is an awesome tool to have for when I was told by a friend about it, of course, I was dubious as "free programs or stuff" tends to have a problem or two. I recently upgraded to AVG 8.0.1 and it's doing a great job, asit's catching bad stuff and it does automtic system scan each night. I recently told my parent to download and install this program and she was shocked to see how much AVG found compared to her old Anti-virus program. Spread the good word about this, folks!

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55555 AVG 8 Free

Sunday night my laptop got a vivace. shortly before this we had switched to Avast doe protection (avg 7 experience and 8 mu wife didn't think 8 would be free) bad day till I got it fixed.

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33333 AVG Internet security

I was using free AVG virus scan. It was a good product. Based on this experience I have decided to by AVG 8.
First about support.
Support is terrible. You can not get any answers for weeks. Then when you have got the "solutions" they do not work.

I have tried to get a refund but did not get any email back for more then a month.

So there is no support, no refunds.

The product itself is not as good as AVG 7.5. It looks to me like it has memory leaks or they have problems with unloading
dlls or stopping processes after the scan is done. The memory usage which was increased during the scan did not return back to normal after the scan was finished. After the scan any application is starting very slow.

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44444 AVG 8 Gets it spot on again.

I ve had AVG 8 installed for over 2 months now & its great, its a LOT quicker to update than any of the previous versions, it has a live link checker which shows yuo the security level of the sites that are returned in your search queries and the interface is a lot more user friendly, the only bad point would be the toolbar it gives you the option to include in the install. it seems to me to just be an excuse to include the Yahoo toolbar, there is no benefit of including it so i woudlnt bother. you can download the whole thing free too i got it from I think that AVG are ceasing support in the logn term for the old free versions so its probably better to get the new one.

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55555 Superb Anti-virus AVG Free Edition !

I have been using AVG free anti-virus for the last six months. Till today it is performing very well. It has saved my computer from the attacks of,Trojan Horse Back Door, Trojan Bytes, Internet Worms and many other. I thank Grisoft for their excellent free edition. AVG free anti-spyware is also very useful. These two products are highly recommended.

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55555 Good anti - virus

nothing to say, just say that it's very good

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55555 AVG antivirus

I felt so guilty using this great product for free that I was gonna send them a donation. They e-mailed me back saying they dont accept donations. Go figure!!
So now I may just buy their upgrade PRO version,just because the product works so well.

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55555 Kernel Issues

If you have received this message that probably said something about the kernel not working, this is the cause:Uninstalling AVG AntiVirus and using system restore(win2000, winxp only) to attempt to reinstall it but end up you having to physicaly reinstalling it.
To fix this problem, try installing an older version,e.g. 6.0, or 7.1, then once its installed, run the update several times because there may be separate updates available. I would recommend downloading the recommended update, but if you feel more worried abut the update, than you can start the priority update. Usually the priority updates are available after the update.

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55555 AVG Antivirus good


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55555 AVG Free 7.5.476

AVG AntiVirus is easy to use for beginners, its design and interface looks
similar to "Windows Classic". Plus, there is two display settings for the status and that is Reduced Mode and Extended Mode . Now for those who wants to know what AVG stands for, you would probably think it's "Anti Virus Grisoft" or "Advanced Virus Guard, well you may be close be cause it actually stood for Anti-Virus Gaurd. I like it because it:
1. is easy to use
2. is safe and free of spywares
3. is free of charge
4. has no limited license required
5. it has an acceptable interface and design
6. fast shell extention, selected scan, and complete scan scanning speed

Now the only thing that ticks me is that its limited features, but we can live with it.

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55555 AVG Grisoft

A superior product. Stable, easy to install, not intrusive, free of conflicts; I had to expunge NOrton AV and am completely satisfied with AVG

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55555 AVG better than Norton Internet Secutity

I have had AVG free Edition for some time now and i must say it is the most helpful, resonsive antivirus system i have ever seen. I used to have Norton Internet Security 2005 and then I had to pay for it again, it refused to scan anything until i payed renewal so I scraped it and got AVG for FREE!!!! I thought it would be rubbish as it was free but after a week t fund 2 viruses that norton had found and killed them!!!!
the updates are also free of charge and when i connect to the net it auto updates to save me from doing it. also, when Iturn on my computer it auto scans and also saves me from doing it. I would recomend this software to anyone who wants a bargan ....

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55555 AVG Anti-Virus 7.5

I used the 6 month free trial of Norton 2005 from Google. After it expired I wasn't very happy with its performance and decided to try something else. A friend of mine recommended AVG. I was skeptical at first but after using it I found it to work better than Norton, and best of all it's 100% Free!

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55555 anti virus

its very important for all of us..........

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22222 AVG can interupt your day

If you like an anti-virus that makes itself known that its there, then AVG is for you. AVG checks for updates about twice a day and everytime you boot windows. When it does a update it will bring itself forward and MAKE you reply to the update, If your a gamer or just don't like to be interupted by a simple software then I would NOT suggest AVG. As for speed and how well AVG does, well I have yet to get a virus, or atleast seen a virus while using AVG so I can't really say how good it is.

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