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NOD32 reviewReviews for NOD32

55555 ESET NOD32

This is the motherload of all antivirus programs! Virus Bulletin VB100 tested for 5 years and NOD32 only had 3 fails out of 37 tests!! Check out the statistics for yourself. You will be supprised on how your antivirus program stacks up. All other antivirus solutions fall far behind this superior software!! A true heavyweight in antivirus market!!!!

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55555 nod32 is the best

nod32 is the best antivirus ever, i installed it after uninstall norton 2005 and it found (nod32) 7 infected objects that norton didnt ever recognized

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55555 nod32 the best antivirus ever

i used 2 run my pc with norton 2005, my friend told me that norton suck and recommended me to use nod32, i installed it and i was amazed that it found 5 viruses that norton even mention...

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22222 NOD32 - The other side

I bought a computer from MESH, which I picked up on the 1st April 05. I bought NOD32 as it is supposed to be the best. I have been having trouble with bagel worms infecting my e-mail account.

Anyway, I put on McAffee, so that I had some protection while downloading NOD. When the download was complete I took the internet cable (the phone style cable) out of my network card. Just so you know, I have a ZOOM X5, which allows 4 machines to go on the net. I removed McAffee using windows Add Remove programs. Installed NOD, ran it on clean and scan. Found nothing. Reinserted the internet cable. Updated NOD. After serfing the net for about half hour, downloading Spybot, spywareblaster, which are products that the people at NOD told me to use with their product. I also got Mozilla Firefox, which I am starting to like.

I turned IE6 off, and low and behold, on my Desktop is a new folder called "w". PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A BRAND NEW COMPUTER, which only had the drivers for the hardware and NOD installed (as well as the other crap that computer companies put on). Ran NOD again, nothing, on both scan and clean. Look at the control centre, and turn all the heuristics on to deep etc, tell it to scan everything etc.

The product still couldn't find anything even with everything turned on. I scanned my entire PC, e-mails the lot!

I am not happy with NOD, and I e-mailed them to ask for my money back, as the product wasn't working. I know that I'm not an Administrator, so I don't know my way through the in's and outs of Windows and the Admin tools, but I know that I have never had a PC go so wrong so quickly.

When I e-mailed NOD to ask them for my money back, and to cancel the subsription, they told me that it is me who has gotten it worng. Blah blah blah about 100% detection rates. If it's so good then how comes I still have the virus on my machine, and I still got another bagel worm come through.

Fairs fair, it is fast though.

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55555 NOD32 Corporate User

I am a Network and Systems administrator of 10+ years exp. I have used nearly all of the commercial AV products availalble. At my most recent position, I was given the chance to start fresh with all the systems, which meant making a decision on which Corporate AV solution to go with. After reading several reviews and doing my homework I went with NOD32. I couldnt be more happy. I have it running on approx 40 windows workstations as well as on our Exchange server. The administrative tools allow complete control over the entire corporation from my workstation, as well as very detailed reports. A fantastic product that puts all the others in its space to shame.

One more note: I have read on hear comments about NOD32's speed and small footprint. It should be pointed out that this is a direct result of the application being written directly in assembly language. Apparently some pretty sharp guys working at ESET(software company that makes NOD32)

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55555 NO32 rocks

It has FASTEST scanning
It requires very very little of memory (only about 8...10 megs)
Small update files and very good virus detection. I'll recommand it for everyone!

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55555 Symantec vs. The NOD

System: P-3, 1.4Ghz server, many drives and Home network drives as well.
[Was] using Symantec 8.x Corporate and knew something was wrong. RSPCS Driver-D showed up and (after a Google search) realised 'ol Norton was missing it....AND *others*. SYM. Desktop Firewall wasn't helping me any either; allowed all the DOS'ing my dial-up could muster. Did a remote scan (available via Computer Associates ( and ID'd the virus WIN32.Rbot.BBG in the known-hacked and already-quarentined (by me) files -but not their source. Desperate, I tried the Trial version of NOD32 - It found a dozen little buggers to include Trojens and some Macro viruses. Most dated back 18-months--though SAV gets updated Every freekin day.
Aside from a cryptic "AMON, IMON & EMON" Windows --weird acronyms which are important to them (but cunfusing to even Geek me) it's pretty straightforward. It's pretty fast, and can be configured pretty easily to rename...delete, fix, quarentine or "Just Analyze"; whatever and have those stting apply forever, or, just this time. Handy for remote drives where you want to check and quarentine; not neccesarily blow stuff away. 40-bucks VERY well spent. ;-)

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55555 RE: NOD32

I tried out the trial version for Windows XP and I did some timing calculations based on how long it took and how many files it scanned. At first I realized that NOD32 was configured by default only to scan certain file types and extensions. So I configured accordingly to match up with the configuration with Norton. Oddly the scan results showed that while Norton scanned 220,000 files NOD32 only scanned 150,000. Odd even though I configured NOD32 to scan all files possible, even to scan all available extensions possible. My calculations showed that while Norton scanned at ~70 files/sec, NOD32 could scan at ~170 files/sec. Nice! I will have to further test this NOD32 out in corporate environments if it has that support and draw conclusions then. I love the fact it isn't bloated like Norton. I did scan my system for viruses Norton may have not picked up and no viruses were found even with the updates applied.

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55555 NOD32 does the job

NOD32 does what is seemingly impossible: provide an outstanding level of protection against viruses without slowing down your system. My income depends on my computer, and I can't afford to settle for anything less than the very best protection available. As far as I'm concerned, that's NOD32. It hasn't missed anything yet, and it so smooth, I hardly know it's running in the background. It's a pity that this program isn't better known because it's the top antivirus around.

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55555 NOD32 > All

I was testing various Anti-Virus softwear and I tried, PC-Cillin, Norton, Mcaffee, AVG and others. I found Kaspersky, which I was impressed by but it had slow scanning. So I check the Virus bulletin website and found NOD32. This thing Is amazing. On a 2.8 it takes 70 seconds to scan on deep. My 2.0 takes about 5 minutes on both Drives (C,D). Very fast and excellent Detection rates! Best I've ever seen and easy to use interface! Try this out! I Recomend it 100%!

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55555 Nod32 verses Norton

My sisters Norton was rendered inactive by something so I uninstalled it and installed a trial of Mcaffee, it found 4 trojans that Norton didn't detect. On my next visit I installed a trial of Nod32, it found another 2 trojans that Norton and Mcaffee missed. I then went home and installed Nod32 on my machine which was running Norton, Nod32 found 2 trojans on my machine that I thought was clean. I'm going with Nod32 period!

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