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sqlFree Description:

sqlFree application screenshot

Syntactically correct...generated queries...big queries in a few seconds...query by mouseclick Less syntax-errors in your queries.

Build your SQL-statements visually:
- Less syntax-errors in your queries.
- You see that your queries do what they are intended to do.
- Easier and faster then writing it by hand. Especially complex queries with joins.
- Also meta-information is displayed: Primary key, nullable, datatype etc.

Visualize your SQL-statements:
- Just give sqlFree your statement and it will be visualized: you see what it does.
- Preconfigure queries. Any user may load and use them.

Send SQL-statements to the database:
- You may use placeholders in queries. Actual values are asked at the moment the query is sent.
- Use any JDBC-driver for database-communication
- The sqlFree RMI-Server enables you to connect to a database from points where you don't have direct access to the needed database.

Operating System Support: sqlFree has been tested with MS-Access and MS-SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, Po


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