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eTrust Internet Security Suite


eTrust Internet Security Suite reviewReviews for eTrust Internet Security Suite

55555 EZ Armor, Anti Virus, Firewall

Well, what can I say? After years of persevering with Norton antivirus and all its quirks, I find something that really works, works well, and no hassle. Downloading is a dream, configuration is magic, and the Firewall is Bomb Proof! I downloaded EZ Armor as a FREE download, and my first payment to you would have been in August. Unfortunately my hard drive failed, and so I had to re-hash. I have ordered EZ Armor on CD, because after re-hashing my computer, I picked up trojans while downloading EZ Armor before there was any protection. I picked up a real nasty the other day - "Der Biz", and it totaly screwed my computer's operating system. Downloading "EZ Armor" from a CD-ROM will avoid going on line with no protection. Great Stuff! Keep up the good work!

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44444 Does the download version protect us for email also?

At the moment we are more then pleased while McAfee and Norton did not install the CD copy for XP.Only through Roadrunner the provider we heared of this protection

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44444 eTrust EZ Armor

is wonderfull. I was testing some firewalls, like Norton Personal Firewall 2005, Sygate Personal Pro, BlackIce PC Protection, all of them last version with last upadates. BalckIce caused very huge problems to local network, it was blocking whenever it wanted to and also CPU utilization sometimes just went crazy (even with option trust). The defined rules are "forgotten" if there are more than 10. Only issues. Sygate - nice interface and nice behaviuor, it was reacting pretty well to inside Local Area Netwok (private network) security scan (done with Languard 5.0) all the attacks have been correctly identified and b locked. Surprize - when Sygate security scan has been launched - Sygate generated everytime errors and needed to be closed by Windows. I launched Symantec security Scan - same... Good but only for those guys which are using internet just for browsing and chat against sasser virus and familly. Norton - very nice interface, very nice report tool. A pro tool...but didn't made it with 2 consecutive attacks - one from Internet, one inside... Just crashed...I had to reinstall Windows XP again... eTrust Firewall 2005 - amazing. Only one issue I found - maybe the report tool can be improved I mean to have the facility tto see all open conenction on all ports ? otherwise very Pro tool - both attacks were blocked succesfully and didn't crashed. Also the expert module is wonderfull. You can do whatever you want...Congratulations C.A.

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55555 eTrust EZ Armor Suite

Having run the top 4 rated Anti-virus/firewall programs side by side on seperate machines simultaneously sorts all of it for you. Yep! They all work and all have their strong points as well as their drawbacks.
The A.V. is smooth as silk with the firewall the best anywhere able to block 100% of the pop ups yet non-intrusive as you work. The firewall incorporates programs that need to be added with the others to accomplish the same protection.
By the way, it is the only anti-virus when scanned by McAfee's Security Center fill out "Their" bar graph and gives it a tenner! You will too!

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