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Time and Chaos


Time and Chaos reviewReviews for Time and Chaos

55555 Consultant

I have used this program in all it's incarnation for the last 6 years. It is easily the most used application in my collection and the easiest contact manager to use that I have ever tried. It's worth triple of what is asked for....

44444 Nothing is perfect

Nothing is perfect but this program is far better than Outlook, Evolution, Lotus Notes and for my purposes progrmas like ACT. The only system that could be as good as a PIM is Lotus Organizer. Sadly, Lotus is no longer developing it and supporting it.

I use the !ntellect that is Time and Chaos with the built in e-mail client. I also use the Legal Billing module. While the billing module can be used stand alone, the functionality added with the PIM is worth using both. When used together, the database is common so information need only be entered 1x. I do like the MS structure of their Business Contact Manager better but it can be emulated, though not duplicated with T&C.

The e-mail client takes some time to build the spam filter database but over time it works. When an e-mails is sent or received from a contact, it will associate with the contact. There is a task manager than continues to improve as well as a notes, memo and journal system that has a spreadsheet. I also like the ability to associate files to contacts as well as the 250 categories that can be defined and sorted and filtered on.

The company does listen and react to requests and it does not take centuries. A few years ago, it has as an associated program either Word or WordPerfect. I asked if they would add OpenOffice and about the sametime OOo 2.0 was in Beta, the function was added. A feature that was wonderful with Lotus Organizer was the ability to associate contacts with each other. I could for instance had a parent and a child each with a record and assoicate the records to each other. I asked and they responded it had not been asked for before so I figured it would be not done. The very next release had it included and it was better than the function in Organizer.

I have tried other applications and each time I keep coming back to T&C. It is easier to maintain and work with. Also, for the price it is fully networkable. It is user licensed and not computer licensed. The current cost is something like $90 but you can get the legecy version for free if you do not need the latest and greatest. A number of users I know still use both versions 5 and 6. The latest is 7.

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33333 Version 6 T& C

When I read all these glowing reviews I just had to respond. I have used T&C for 3-4 years now. The positive is, it does work and assist you your daily life, in my case, business. But, and this is a big but, if you like slick software that is bug free, this is not it.

For example, if you reinstall, you will need to recode all your custom colour labels. Second, do the search, you can't sort by date. It will say your sorting by date, but look at the dates and they aren't chronological...description works..further to that, I have played withe the search and its just cludgy - way to cumbersome and the start again button is greyed out unless your search finds something..

another thing - you can't set a master font for your notes, and I customize the appointments window and when I restart, its back to the default showing the columns I turned off...I have been here before, eventually it will work and stick..

bottom line, we are past the age of wonderment and empowerment...I want rudimentary functionality, customability and slick software...instead we have for the most part, a collection of less than polished software....Essential PIM is a program I'm watching as soon as some features come about, I will make the switch...

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55555 A truly simple to master PIM package.

Time & Chaos has to be one of the easiest to use Personal Information Managers I've ever had the good fortune to use. Every major section of the package is available on one screen, no flicking from screen to screen as with other packages.

Support from Chaos Software is great, and they are always willing to listen to new suggestion. There is also an independantly run forum to be found at:

Here you can find answers to your questions and discover the latest news about upcoming product releases.

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55555 T&C

This is an awesome program. It also has an email client that allow mail merge from T&C Contact list. Great program

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55555 Time & Chaos Version 6

Time & Chaos works for the simple reason that all the main data you need is displayed on one screen, with easy access to the detailed information you've entered. There is a monthly calendar, To Do's & Appointments sections, plus a Contacts area.

Click on an appointment and the contact section immediately displays their details. Separate notes can be keep on every contact, To Do and Appointment and can all be view via the contacts main page.

It has been one of the few constantly used programs over the last two years.

If you need help with running it there is now an excellent, but unofficial, forum at:

Try it out free for 21 days, you'll never look back.

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55555 Time and Chaos Software

Superb Pim program. Everything on one screen and operation of program is simplicity itself. Great price for a wonderful porduct. Try the free 21 day download and see for yourself. You will love this program.

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55555 Time and Chaos v 6

Excellent PIM program. Organinzed in a well thought out manner. User friendly. With the optional palm sync the system is about perfect.

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