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TalkSender reviewReviews for TalkSender

55555 Handybits Voice mail

I have used Handybits voice mail for years, it is free
When talksender went switched over

11111 talksender

what happen to talksender that was on the enternet back in o3 it was the best, yes i had incredimail which has a voice sender like talksender but since i got a new computer with vista i can not get incredimail that will work with vista any time i want to send e-mail there is an error and i get other e-mail trying to do the same as incredimail with errors ssi had bought all the programs incredimail had but it don,t work like xp incredimail don,t work with vista they have got a long ways to go at one time when i lost talksender i went with incredimail for all my mail but then came vista and messed ever thing up

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55555 Talksender

Talksender is no more working the company has gone out of business :( I myself love this little program .

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55555 I have it on my ma. computer I am here in Fl and want it down loaded

I enjoy my talksender and want it down here can I send it with my email that goes to Babados and talk to my frien there?

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55555 Why won't it work !!

I used this years ago and now can't send a thing, anybody know why the server is down and if we will be able to use it in the future. Is there anything else comparable please.

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44444 Talk Sender

Talk Sender software is not available for donwload now. If some one knows, where I can download the same, i will be grateful.......this Talk Sender is the best to send e.mails by voice, and the other vemail, does not have editing features......please respond to my e.mail

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I had used the Talk Sender for years and I have always thought it was such a great program......I got my Windows XP and I am able to download the program, and record but am unable to send it out. My Windows XP firewall is disabled because it said it could be a firewall issue.......just wondered if anybody else is having the same problem. I can't seem to get to the main page for the Talk Sender always seems to be unavailable for some reason. Does anyone know ...Is the Talk Sender still available? In the mean time, I have been using the HandyBits, which is also a great program, but I was just so used to the Talk Sender. One advantage to the HandyBits is that you are able to speak as long as you want, whereas I believe the Talk Sender was a minute and a half. I hope it didn't go out because I sure do miss it.

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55555 Another Great TalkSender Substitute

Here's an even better freeware voice email application, eVoiceSaver 3.1 and you can download it at
In addition to being able to send voice messages, it allows you to review (replay) them before you send them, and it also lets you keep a copy of what you recorded.

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55555 Vemail, an Excellent 'Talk Sender' Substitute

Sorry, I hadn't realized that Talk Sender's server is no longer functional. Here's an equally simple voice email freeware program which you can use in it's place. It's called Vemail and you can download it at this URL:

Enjoy and have fun with it.

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55555 Even if you DO download it....

Even if you download it at the alternate link provided by the reviewer below, you cannot use it. You can install the program, but once you try to send a message, the program is unable to interface with (because their server is evidentally down). I think it's best just to "wait and see" if their servers come back on. I hope so!

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55555 TalkSender download problems

Ron - I have no idea why you're getting an error message when you try to download the TalkSender file. If you'll put up your email address on this message board, the next time I check back and see it, I will send you the TalkSender file direct.

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55555 Talksender v2.8

If you want to find a download site for Talksender, just do a Google search and a number of foreign websites will come up. I'm not sure they'll have the link, but it won't hurt to try. If all else fails, put your email address in another review and if I get back here, I'll send you the file.

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55555 Talksender Download site

I decided to search for a download site to save you the headache. There's only one place I could find the file, so don't waste any time downloading it!

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55555 Where can I find a download link for TalkSender?

I used TalkSender a few years ago but lost it and cannot find a download link for it anywhere! Can anyone help?

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55555 TalkSender

This is an awesome little program. I have had it on my computer once before, but for some strange reason I am not able to find a link to download it again!

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