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Spyware Doctor reviewReviews for Spyware Doctor

22222 slow

only version that seemed to work for me is v.4. Any higher version on my WinXP PCs causes them to hang unexpectedly, or to slow them down completely. Now there seems no updates for v.4.

11111 spyware doctor is a ripoff

my computer was infected by "security suite" and held hostage. After reading several reviews I purchased Spy Doctor it initially corrected the problem BUT really slowed down my system. Two weeks later my computer was reinfected with the same virus.

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11111 Spyware Doctor, PC Tools an unethical company

I purchased Spyware Doctor from the PC Tool website in April 2008, hoping to get rid of some infections that my installed CA Security Suite didn't manage, provided by Time Warner with high speed Internet.

Spyware Doctor could not remove it either, so money thrown down the drain. I found a free software after that, MalwareBytes, which finally cleaned my system completely! That time I already decided not to renew PC Tool's Spyware Doctor but little have I known what problems I would be faced with later! My subscription expires in April 2009 but they already did a renewal mid March and charged my credit card! I tried several times to cancel it, to no avail and the company doesn't reply to any of my emails. They have apparently an automatic renewal which I haven't noticed which doesn't make sense if my contract expires on April 6, why renew it March 16? Logged in there is an option to change that and it says a confirmation email would be sent which executes the process but never mind how many times I tried it, it doesn't work! If one pushes the button to let send the software key, the email appears right away, so I tried to use that sales email address for my reply and that was not answered either. I bought many software since 1995 when I started to use a computer but never have experienced such a trouble with a company! I do not recommend them!


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22222 spyware doctor

I purchased spyware doctor just a couple days ago because I read it can remove adware "virtumonde". But it did not even recognize it after a scan - it did find others. Now I currently have 3 paid spyware software in my PC: XsoftSE, Webroot & spy doctor. None could get rid of it. Webroot sees it & quarentines it but virtumonde keeps coming back as I re-start my computer. McAffe security cleaned my system virus. What left was "virtumonde" Eventually after a couple of days my PC would not boot anymore. So I have to re-install the system. Is there any honest software around that really could take out this kind of ad-ware? I was also attacked by Win-fixer 2 years ago & no spyware could take it out. I also ended up re-installing my system.

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22222 Spyware Doctor 5.5

I've used SD for years and never had a problem until I installed 5.5.It prevented Internet & email connections and slowed the system down. I removed it and reinstalled version 4.1 with no problems.

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11111 Spyware Dr. CRASH CRASH

I used this product for a year and occasionally it crashed. Otherwise seemed OK. Since updating to 5.0V it locks my computer every time. I disabled scan on start up and also tried to uninstall and reinstall the program. My computer runs like molasses in winter and locks up. OS- WinXP. Spybot works fine.

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44444 Decent product

Google Pack now packs a limited version of SD for free! It does a great job at finding lots of baddies on your system. Unfortunately, it uses a lot of system resources and is less stable than other commercial anti-spyware. It has been the cause of more than one crash on some workstations that I've had it installed on.

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44444 Spyware Doctor 5

I installed Spyware Doctor 5 after using version 4 for a while. I must admit I took a huge chance considering the reviews I read warned me. The program is a resource hog and made all 5 of my systems unstable. Yes unstable. Lots of crashes, hangs, and sluggish. I hated to admit that one of my favorite programs was really causing these problems. I have several infections on my system and although it detected them it could not remover them which is the whole point of the program. reviewed the program and suggested waiting for version 5.5 but me being Mr. No It All figured I could beat whatever instabilities came with this version. Needless to say I've uninstalled it from every single system. I love the improvements they've started but just couldn’t risk my systems. Bottom line waits for version 5.5.

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11111 Treacly slow

Purchased Spyware Doctor and frustrated at the way it hogs the pc. If it is set to run at startup, switch your pc on and go for a coffee. I no longer have it on my start up and only manually start, update and scan when I have nothing better to do. It may be a good program but what is the point if it kicks in and stops any work you are doing and forces you to sit and wait. When loading it does NOT allow you to carry on working and it does take an age. I shall not be renewing my subs.

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11111 Spyware Doctor

Three years ago I bought Spyware Doctor. That version was catching things on a weekly basis. Since then, I upgraded the product twice and just expired the latest version. Pros are, early version worked. Pricing is fair. Interface is good with nice options. Intuitive as well.
I have a Dell 2.8gh pc with 2gig of ram, XP Home Edition, and it slows my system to the equivalent of a slug in winter. If you set it to not run a scan on startup, it still runs a base check for about 5-10 minutes, rendering your PC all but useless unless you use task manager to lower its priority. No option to background without running some kind of check when started. At least on mine, it ran base checks after I set it to do nothing as it took five to ten minutes to settle in when I logged on. If manually started it takes eons to run, uses 98 percent of your cpu for about 15-20 minutes then settles down. During this time, it displays a logo that hogs the screen and nothing can jump ahead of it so software that is running is essentially unavailable for interaction. Latest two versions have not caught ONE item in the last two years and I updated it regulary. Not sure what that means except that if it was doing its job, it did not notify me of anything it caught. It is a HUGE resource HOG and I got tired of waiting on it and the effects it had. I opted not to renew. Tech support was limited and not that helpful as I got canned responses and they would not take suggestions on improving the product. The help was via email and I definitely got the impression the technician was low on the technical knowledge meter. My complaints did not get answered in a timely manner and the suggestions were not at all useful. On about four occasions I had to deinstall, and reinstall as it was so slow, it sometimes would hang. Noticed that the more I updated the knowledge base, the slower it got. There are agencies, I will not name, that give this software a high rating. Beware, what you hear from them is not always what you get.
I rate first version a 9, revisions to present a 1.

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33333 Is it that good?

Adaware and Spybot S & D found 2 items. Spy Doctor found 78!!
Now is this bloody good or is something amiss with the claims made by Spy Doctor and what it actually finds. Is there False Positives here? Are the majority of finds just trivia?
Any views about this or experiences?
Dennis Oregon City.

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55555 very good anti spy

i hav big prob in my pc as i login to internet my computer got infected this software in few minutes solve the prob & deleted all infection

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55555 excellent

awesome tool

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33333 booting time problem,...

I think this software some how extended my PC booting process longer than normal, I prefer to uninstall it and find a new software

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44444 Anti-Sypware

My spyware problem is called "Advanced Keylogger." Spyware Doctor is able to immunize against future infections but is not able to remove the present one. I haven't found a single program yet that can remove this, however, so I give it 4 stars for at least being able to immunize against it.

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