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Spybot - Search and Destroy


Spybot - Search and Destroy reviewReviews for Spybot - Search and Destroy

55555 the best anti-spyware

I use the with ad-aware to a unsupased spyware protection. I have run this combo agensts Nortan and Microsoft ant-spyware, and spybot far surpases both

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33333 xoftspy

I had the misfortune of getting Spyaxed on 01/01/2006. A complete pain in the rear end. A moody adaware program that mimics microsoft virus alerts then trys to get you to down load thier programme to rid you of it. I looked on line and there was an ad by the aforementioned XOFTSPY saying they could rid me of the spyaxe virus. I purchased the download, and after 11 scans it was still there. I had to resort to and a guy called who gave me a free download and instructions which rid me of the bug. Xoftspy only had an automated reply to customer support and only after I sent a nasty e,mail, they refunded the full amount without question with an apology and the program is still working. I would just say, that not all anti spyware removes ALL the viruses, shop around first, dont believe the hype, read the reviews and speak to the geeks first. They are the best!

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33333 No Permanent Solution

It finds and removes a lot of spyware and is easy to install and uninstall. It causes annoying pop-ups, that are not easy to stop, about register changes, when you change a setting of your Windows or install/uninstall a new program.

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44444 okay

Spybot's detection rate is rather low, at only 24,000 spyware components. Ad-Aware SE Personal, the most popular free anti-spyware program on, searches for 40,000 components. But Spybot goes outside of the box when it comes to their feature set. With real-time protection from its Immunize feature as well as some advanced tool, Spybot provides adequate protection. Use this with Ad-Aware SE Personal and Microsoft Antispyware and you've got a great team for a price of 0.

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55555 Spybot-Seach & Destroy it all

I've looked everywhere for spybot and adware killing programs, I've tried all those programs, they either made the problem worse or didn't do squat!

Trust me-I've been using mutiple programs for registry, antivirus, and spyware, this is the best they come, freeware anyways. I hope u find this program can detect spybots and adbots quicker & faster than Norton or McAfee products can, i mean Anti-virus can get rid of it but Spybot can remove it and even stop the problem from arising ever again, including its TeaTimer program, which stops or blocks spyware or adware from installing, even while u surf the net!!

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55555 Spybot S&D

Spybot has found bots that Adaware didn't. I will never hook another computer to the net w/o it. I'm sending Mike a few $$ via Paypal-and I'm a cheap b%st&rd!

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44444 You should have this in ur pc!

It is easily to install, does not take up lots of space in my laptop, does not slow down start up process. It reveals and destroy many syware-like elements especially in registry and start up which some other spyware or antivirus can't do it, and the most important thing it is free.

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55555 Spybot - Search and Destroy Review

This wonderful program has many features, and is Great at keeping spyware out of the systems. The program has an easy to use interface, and a very user-friendly system. The program takes out cookies, spyware, ads, and many other icky things you do not want the first time. The program never does things without asking. Most programs, if they are not able to get an evil program out of your system without restarting, the program will just restart your computer, or add it’s self to the record for next time you restart. Spybot asks if it is allowed to add it’s self temporarily to your boot file. Spybot Search and Destroy receives our full confidence, and after using it, we would never live without it.

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sorted gator for me and could not beleive what else it picked up, better than addware, great help manual you should try this it works very well and it updates and it is free[GREAT]

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55555 spybot s&d

excellent programme. over 200 nasties found on the first try, a must for any surfer.

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55555 Search and destroy

After reinstalling my system with xp and surfing for about 1 hour, I installed spybot. It found about 20 spyprogs. So the first thing you do before going online is installing this great program

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55555 Spybot S&D

Even given my very conservative surfing habits, I was astonished to see the insidiuous spyware detected by spybot, which was completely missed by Ad Aware. A great programme! Send the guy a few bucks cash if that is all you can afford: A lot of thought and effort went into making this programme! I use it in tandem with Ad Aware, and I think the two programmes work wonderfully with each other. One problem I encountered, though, was that I finally had to install the full version (i.e., with the blind users' functions and the languages)on my XP box, in order to be able to tweak the custom settings.

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55555 This program really works!!!

A great way to delete spyware! Cant believe its free! Thanks Search and Destroy!

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55555 Spybot

This Is Very Good

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55555 Death to the spys!!!!

Spybot got all the spys off my system after one application. None better.

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