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SpyCatcher reviewReviews for SpyCatcher

44444 solve the prob in few minutes

i had a big prob in my pc as i login to Internet my big computer got infected this software in few minutes solve the prob & deleted all infection.

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55555 Spycatcher strict but strong, easy to use

I have found Spycatcher kills 99% of all the various malware baddies going around. It seems to barely load the system, almost unnoticeable, and, even when I "close" it, it keeps an eye on the basic operating system even so, continually watching for root kits and other system disrupting viral attacks. I've tried them all, the most distruptive was Kaspersky, the worst for overhead and slow down was Norton, and AVG messed with some good functions. Sometimes... just sometimes, Spycatcher can be strict and stop something legal (Like VNC, local net communication) but by simply looking at recent processes you can see the good functions that should't be blocked and unblock them. A very good program, has kept my machine clean for 3 years.

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55555 Great anti-spyware

I posted a review of AVG and recommended a combination between that one and SpyCatcher. This anti-spyware is doing a good job in my computer and I've had no significant problems with spyware.

Remember that your computer won't be 100% protected ever! Obviously viruses and spyware comes first than the remedy so, you're always at some risk and the only thing you can do is choosing the best software and complement it with periodical scans of a non-resident program.

I've tested a lot of anti-spyware programs and SpyCatcher is one of the best. It sits in memory and keeps an eye on every single installation or intent of installation. Sometimes it can be really strict and try to block a normal procedure or program but it will ask you what to do and in the worst of the cases you can go to "My spyware" and allow to run anything you want.

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