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SpeedFan reviewReviews for SpeedFan

11111 Locks up Machine

I installed this on my Toshiba laptop with a centrino cpu. Promptly locked up the machine, and required a re-boot.

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44444 Is voltage information accurate?

Has someone tried monitoring the Voltage readings? I find that the -5V and -12V readings are not where it has to be. Is this a problem with the tool or is it a problem with the power supply itself?

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44444 Excellent Tool

Quite a perfect one tool. Very easy to use, with little bugs, it's a tool indeed - small, sharp, smart. What else do you need? I think it's really worth using.

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55555 Great progam for silencing htpc's.

I am using this program to silence my fans and undervolt, a term rarely used, to minimize heat generation. I love the feature that allows for automatic clock control, similar to the speed step technology found in laptops. Highly recommended program, and it's FREE, but definitely deserves a donation to the programmer.

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44444 Excellent

Only voltage control is missing

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44444 SpeedFan 4.21

Great little freeware program that even a novice like me can master. Problems associated with it not reducing fan speeds might be solved (they were for me!) by clicking on Configure;Advanced;select your chip from the drop down list (eg. IT8712F in my case) and bring up its details, then highlight PWM 1 Mode, PWM 2 Mode and PWM 3 Mode respectively and change it from ON/OFF to "software controlled" and tick "remember it".
This worked for me having spent a long time configuring it only to find that it did everything it said it would but then the fans just kept on going at full pelt!!!
The help files and setup guide (accessed by simply pressing F1) were easy enough to follow, though the screen shots are from an earlier version.
If you want it to launch at startup like i do, you'll have to put a shortcut in your startup file. You can monitor your cpu temp in the system tray if your nervous about using the programme.
Another tip is to initially run the program and observe all your temperatures for a while and set it up to let the ambient temperatures rise by just 5-10 degrees c or so, to safely monitor its performance. when your then happy that your not going to damage your pc, you can play with the settings to tweak to your desired levels.
The options button allows you to customise the tray temperature to make it easier to see, and if you hover over it it gives you all available temps!!
Also right clicking it allows you to restore/ minimise or close the application...
Check with your chip manufacturer for safe temperature ranges for your cpu before you start and try and stick well within them to avoid costly breakdowns!!
My main reason for running was to quieten my pc a bit, but it wont reduce noisey power supply fans!!!
Overall i find this FREE Program fairly usefull and reasonably user friendly though i admit it took me a while to get my head round it! Defonately worth a try, and theres an un-installer included on the start menue. ENJOY!!!

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55555 Excellent Program

Its a great program, and super powerful to boot! (Pun intended). Latest download as of FEB 18 2005 is v. 4.21

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44444 good

this is a great program, not a lot of features, but it has plenty and had all i needed

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44444 SpeedFan

For a long time I was happy to use S.F. However - since updating Windows XP to SP2, I can't use the program anymore. It blocks my computer.
Can anyone tell me what to do? (I have the latest version, but that doesn't make a difference.)

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55555 Great tool, runs constantly on my Abit IC7

Runs fine, varies speed perfectly. helps keep my system super quiet

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44444 great spy soft

my favorite soft for inspec

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55555 speed fan

it's ok

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55555 speed fan it's good

It´s a light software, eficient, and the best it's a helpfull tool to over cloaking procesor

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