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SoundTaxi Platinum


SoundTaxi Platinum reviewReviews for SoundTaxi Platinum

55555 Must-have simple, yet professional program

SoundTaxi Platinum is great converting software, which works as advertised and the tech support is helpful. When I upgraded my PC and needed to re-activate the program on my new system I contacted SoundTaxi support team and ask how I can do that. Surprisingly I received their reply that same day with a new license code for my re-activation. As it turned out the tech support provides you with new license code each time you need to upgrade/move/reinstall your system, so they does that for FREE and no need to pay for additional license.

The app is a great deal for all who needs efficient, cost-effective converting software.

55555 Downloaded 4.3.8 version - works great

I use SoundTaxi for about a week now and enjoying it. Reading all the reviews I thought I should give it a try, and it's actually harmless, working fast. Do you really have bugs with it? I haven't got any so far. In regards to their support team: had no need to contact them yet, because no difficulties/bugs with it. SoundTaxi is a great converter. If I have a problem with it I will get back to you and write another comment here. Tschüss

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44444 Very slow

I've used both Goldwave and sound taxi pro to convert my audible files to mp3. Goldwave takes about 15 minutes. Sound taxi takes 2 hours or more. My computer is brand new with high end accessories. So its not my computer. Its just a very slow process with soundtaxi. Would love to find another program that did this faster.

33333 Good................. and Bad

The sound taxi suite itself is great. The problem is that if you re-format your computer, you can no longer use your software without a new activation code. To get one takes some time and persistence as their support seems to be on holiday most of the time. I guess they made a fortune and left. They could fix this problem by making it like alcohol, but for some reason they don't. Go figure. Great program held back by questionable support.

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33333 SoundTaxi Media Suite

Here's the good: SoundTaxi and it's Media Suite are excellent. They run fast and I have never had a major problem.
The bad: Tech support!! They are slow at best and non-responsive at their worst. They do not seem to appreciate their customer's at all.
Note: 1Step DVD Copy has an upgrade from v1.3.3 to 1.4.0. The upgrade doesn't work with files already on the PC. I went back to the previous version.

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11111 Soundtaxi software

Soundtaxi has abseloutely no support.
They will not respond to mails.
If you get a new machine you will not be able to reinstall the software. It is bound to the first PC.
Dont buy anything from them, it is a waste of money......

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55555 Great product

I purchased SoundTaxi so I could use my purchased music wherever, on wnatever media I choose. It installs easily, is a simple program to use, and works flawlessly.

I had a hard drive crash and received a very quick response, with download link and new license code. About a month later I bought a new computer and received another quick response with a new license code.

One possible difference between myself and the other poster with the hard drive crash, might be that I gave them my old license code. They clearly tell you to keep up with it. They also provide an insurance, of sorts, for instances where you are not able to recover your license number. I didn't buy the insurance and still received great support.

Personally, I love SoundTaxi and think it's a great product that does exactly what is claimed.

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11111 Sound Taxi

Great product, but very poor support. I had a hard drive crash and was unable to get this company to provide a new activation key after more than 10 emails to their support group requesting a key never received a response.

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55555 works great

It does what it should. This software is good, it does all what it is expected to do. It is easy to use, and rather fast

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55555 awesome!

soundtaxi is unbelievable...I'm running it on a very old machine but with xp and still works great! It seems to use windows media player in some way - version 9 works well, more recent (10 or 11) not so much.

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55555 update

After running the whole 1500, I discovered only rax to mp3 causes the heavy CPU use, causing about 3 songs of 100 to have a skip or two. It opens realplayer for each one and that briefly hogs the cpu (70%). m4a to mp3 is flawless - 713 files in 3 hours.

All in all even reconverting the few rax files that have skips is worth the $25 I paid for the pro version. I'd have been here for days making CDs to get them into mp3 otherwise.

My computer has 1G memory (with virtual memory maxed) and runs at 2.2 GHz. If are trying to convert rax files and your computer has less than this, I'd think twice about it. I've seen lots of people complaining that this makes their laptops crash, and this could be why. If you don't want to convert rax, or your computer is better than my old might be fine.

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44444 great little program

It's a great program, considering it appears to be the only one. I'm running XP on a Dell Dimension 8200, 2.2 GHz, Pentium 4 with 1G memory. There are some problems with hiccups in the converted music, that I've nailed down to its very heavy CPU use at the beginning of each song. It is wise not to be doing anything else while you're running it.

Otherwise, I really can't complain. I have almost 1500 songs that I otherwise wouldn't be able to use on my MP3 player unless I downloaded them onto CDs first.

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55555 SoundTaxi does the job

I just purchased soundtaxi and was impressed with its ability. It is easy to use. I have a Dell XPS700 running XP and I let it run during the night with nothing else running, I can covert about 750 songs a might with great quality results. No lock ups or problems so far. Well worth the price at $15.

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55555 Impressive! Bought it within moments

I downloaded a trial edition of this software to remove the DRM from my iTunes purchased music (since I hate using iTunes to play my music in Windows and I want to have the option to play my music with WinAmp or in Linux). It converted all files very quickly and even kept the directory structure so I can easily move files en masse to the original folders. Sound quality is excellent and unlike other conversion utilities, it doesn't PLAY the song and convert on the fly, it just converts them (unless I am missing something).

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55555 Soundtaxi

Soundtaxi best of all! It's very simple and fast, with non lose music quality.
I think that Soundtaxi is the best software in own way

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