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RegScrubXP reviewReviews for RegScrubXP

55555 RegScrubXP

As with any Registry Cleaner, it is what it is. However, this is full of tips & tricks on setting up XP that way YOU want, not Microsoft.

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55555 RegScrubXP

I find it is the best software tool to clean up the registries problem. It is light and handy. Good job

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33333 Windows compatibility

Just downloaded. Just after starting the install exe windows put up a box indicating regscrubXP is not compatible with Vista. This PC just upgraded to SP2 yesterday, not sure if that included a check for this product.

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55555 Marvellous

i am a software engineer and have been testing the softwares for years. I used all the registry cleaning stuff from regcure to pc tools registry mechanic, but i found regscrub as best. Ultra light, low on resources and best results.Cheers. Great piece of software.

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55555 The Best one i've seen so far!

such a great software! cant believe that it fixed my slow booting pc in a jiffy.. definitely one of the best softwares i've tried so far. a million thanks to the developers of this.

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55555 RegScrubXP

Downloaded, installed and ran this free software and it found 500+ problems. I had the problems fixed, and it did completely. Very good. Many thanks to the developer. I hope, this would now make my pc run faster.

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55555 Comment

We use RegScrubxp in a Goverment Court System with all our users computers. It works very well with no problems at all.

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22222 RegScrub XP - I Am Disappointed

I can't believe all these reviewers had such a fantastic experience, and mine alone was so unsatisfying? OK, to be fair, the download was fast and complete, and the installation went smoothly. Since this was the first time I have ever used a Registry Cleaner I could figure out on my own, free though it is, I was hoping for clearer language (newbie) instructions. The backup and restore utility was reliable to be thankful. When I followed the recommendations, this XP installation which has run with many software installations and uninstallations without a registry clean-up from 2001-2005, had well over 1000 or 2000 recommendations for removal from the registry. To be honest, there were too many there for me to approve every single one, but I tried, and some I simply didn't understand what they did or where they functioned. OH YES, there was NO ADware, NO SPYware, and NO MALware of any kind.

When I finished I was unable to use my printer since the drivers had been removed, as well as other critical printing services, in addition to the print drivers. I also lost the system32 executable .dll thingy. (?I forget the name of it now), of course the RESTORE feature gave it back. People in a help forum I visited tried to tell me that my 32 system file had been hijacked by some malicious software or something. I did everything I could to verify it's authenticity, and I have had no further difficulties with that file almost two years later. Even though I discovered the files which were guilty for making my printer and Logitech trackball (trackball by way of system32 file I forget name of ) stop working, I haven't trusted the selections made by free Registry cleaners ever since using this cleaner. I totally left my registry the way it was after restoring it, after reinstalling the recommendations RegScrub XP made. I'm thinking of trying C Cleaner next. I think the fact my computer runs slow sometimes has more to do with stupid shell enhancements and a mere 1500mhz pentium 4 processor, even though I do want to clean my registry anyway. Even with all the junk it's less than 140 MB large. OK, that's bad, but still, I am not certain it will make that much different, cuz with my printer and trackball not working, the XP didn't run any better minus the other junk too. Maybe with a Windowblinds type graphics enhancer, and Google Desktop, or before that the Desktop Sidebar, all resource intensive, one might not see much improvement anyway with those resource drainers still installed.

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55555 a must have utility

this should be in the top 5 of must have utilities for gamers, power users, and noobs alike. finds and corrects problems that other reg "super" fix-it programs miss. have been using this app for 2 yrs. outstanding.

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55555 RegScrubXP

When was the last time you ran RegScrubXP? Well, partner, that's too long! I sort of specialize in speeding up PC's that arrive for repairs. Part of the speeding-up process involves controlling the number of programs that auto-start upon bootup, getting rid of spyware, Trojans, virues, setting up Windows for optimum "Performance", not optimum "Appearance", and running a trusted registry cleaner like RegScrubXP.

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55555 RegScrupXP

Great!!! Been using it for about 3 years now. I use it after I uninstall programs and it cleans up what's left. I recommend it.

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44444 RegScrub...

tks all that bother,to comme4nt on this product there are some danger ones out there...(blue is the color of my scree...)i tried,and lik`it..tks to all...

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55555 I've seen the light!

THANKYOU! Finally a registry cleaner that will clean EVERYTHING for FREE! If this program had a premium version I would pay for it just since this program was just so generous!

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55555 RegScrubXP

A Real Friend told me about regscrubXP. so I downloaded it. OMG! Its great I love this Program, I'm a True Computer Dummie ok, But this Program is Idiot Proof. click find problem nap of a finger it tell's you what the problem is and another click it fix'es how Great is That. Truley Great I'd say. Thanks to The developers of this Program.

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55555 RegScrubXP

Love it gets rid of error's in your system and help shut down your system~!

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