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Recover My Files


Recover My Files reviewReviews for Recover My Files

55555 recover my files

best ever software which helped me alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks to (recover my files)

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55555 Recover My Files

I had spent 6+ hours the previous day updating a large excel file. I had inserted new calculations to include a good number of fairly complicated vlookup calculations. Today I accidently overwrote the entire file with an older one that had the same name. Needless to say I wasn't looking forward to updating all the calculations all over again. I had heard of programs that could recover deleted files but wasn't sure if there was a program that could recover overwritten files. I decided to try 'Recover My Files' with the hope that it might be able to recover the overwritten file. I recovered a lot of excel files. I was losing hope as I had checked through most of the recovered files. One of the last ones I checked turned out to be the overwritten file. What's more, there was no lost data. 'Recover My Files' saved me at least 6 hours of calculation rework and prevented me from getting a big headache. I highly recommend it!

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33333 HDD Utility

Good Package.

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11111 100% Failure in Recovering FAT32 files

Problem: corrupted Western Digital external USB 60GB hard drive – “RAW” directory not recognized and files not accessible. Before purchasing a recovery package I tested several “trial” products purporting a high success rate in recovering FAT files that included Stellar Phoenix FAT&NTFS (does not provide preview), Data Doctor Recovery FAT, PC Inspector File Recovery, and ZMeil 1.1.
The “trial” download version of RecoverMyFiles version 3.98 appeared to recover files. However, the big downside was instead of the disk’s original tree directory, the recovery program produced a long list of renamed files bearing no resemblance to the original file names. This may be ok for small amount of data but makes it very difficult if you have a disk with lots of data. I was reluctantly willing to live with this if original photographs were recoverable. After making purchase for full version, I had to rescan the 60GB hard drive that contained a little over 55GB of data and it took over twelve hours with almost a complete failure in recovering the data (jpeg, PDF, txt, html, doc,etc.). Thousands of files were listed as recovered but without original file name, I had to go through long list and click on individual files to preview. Files that had appeared intact in trial version were either missing or damaged. You read right. Twelve hours with a near 100% recovery failure! (There were no error messages indicating a problem during the process.)

Desperate to recover crucial photographs recently downloaded onto the disk for upcoming publication, I hit the web again and stumbled upon a Washington-Post article on GetDataBack (Runtime Software). After reading the review I went to the product web site and downloaded the free trial version. Without a doubt had I come across this program during my original search, I would have immediately purchased this product, saving time and frustration. The GetDataBack for FAT files full version scanned the hard drive in approximately 2.5 hours, producing the entire tree directory (all folders and files). More importantly, each and every file, thousands worth, were intact with no corrupted or missing files, providing further evidence that RecoverMyFiles fails miserably in attempts to recover FAT files.

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55555 Saved My Life!

I have been storing mostly excel and word files, along with a few other formats, on a zip disk (250). The files cover ten years of work compiled from various hard drives and former floppies. Suddenly I could no longer read the disk. The zip was reading other disks fine, but this most crucial one would just sit there. I tried a few DOS copy tricks to no avail. Then I found this program, Recover My Files, and after reading the only review decided to give it a try. Man am I impressed! The program not only found all my files and allowed me to copy them to the hard drive. One company wanted $450 to recover my files. This program is a deal! It is easy to install and easy to use. Thanks Get Data for saving my life!

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55555 Only Software That Worked For Me

My hard drive became unreadable after performing a disk defrag that hung in the middle.
After I rebooted the computer, the drive was no longer readable by my Windows XP SP2 software.
This drive contained a couple months of unbacked up photos, including pictures of my new daughter.

After two weeks of trying various methods and over two dozen programs, I finally had a break thru with
‘Recover My Files’. Trust me, there are hundreds of recovery software
out there, but finding one that works and doesn’t hurt your data was very difficult. Additionally, it was very disheartening to try so much software without any results. I truly was starting to think that my pictures were gone.

The difference in this software vs. others is that you define the type of file you are looking for (i.e. digital camera .JPG)
and it scours the harddrive at the sector level looking for that type of file. I was able to recover ALL my pictures with this
software. Most other recovery software looks to recover some type of directory structure. As I came to learn, my hard drive
directory structure was destroyed (MFT – Master File Table) on my NTFS partition. Replacing or repairing the MBR, boot sector, or the partition definition was not enough. As I’ve come to learn also, there is no software available to repair an MFT.
Most of software works to repair the other structures (MBR, boot sector, and partition definition) and most software out
there assumes a working MFT because it is so hard to corrupt. My MFT became corrupt because of the disk defrag.

I am forever grateful that this program was able to recover my pictures. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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