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Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok Online reviewReviews for Ragnarok Online

44444 How do you download it?

i know this game is cool. i played it before. now i cant find where u downoad it. can u please tell me?

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11111 Horrible Gameplay

While a lot of people speak of how cute and fancy this game is, I think they failed to provide the newcomers with what REALLY happens in the game.

Yes, the game is cute. Yes, the game could provide a temporary (very temporary)release of boredom. But that's about it.

For the those who are interested in trying out this game, let me just give you a brief outline of the life of a typical Ragnarok character.

You start as a novice trying to level to obtain your first Job. Unless you have rich and powerful friends to tank you and provide you with upgraded equipments, you will be spending a good few hours just stabbing at pink blob monsters for experience. Once you managed to hit first job, prepare for a long journey to second job. Some classes are easier to level than others, like swordman. While other classes are literally a nightmare to level, like priest. Nevertheless, even if you pick the easiest class to level with, you are looking at at least a few good weeks or even months before you can hit second job. After you hit second job, the true nightmare begins. The long marathon to level 99. It will take people months and some even YEARS to hit level 99. To make things worse, you lose experience when you die in this game. So imagine this, by the time you hit level 95, it will literally take you hours to just gain 1% of experience required to get to the next level. Now when you lose all those hours you put into that 1%. Believe me when I tell say this, no matter WHICH class you pick, no matter WHAT groups you will be joining, you WILL die. So expect a LONG and mindless grind.

Once you hit level 99, Congrats! and get ready for an even LONGER grind to get to level 99 as a transcendant class.

Worst part about this game is that theres literally no storyline or questlines. So all you do day after day, month after month, is to stab at cute little monsters. Now imagine doing that for years...

Personally, I think this game is nothing more than a text based RPG with added graphics. At least some text based RPGs have storylines...

So newcomers be warned! If you don't believe me, feel free to try it out yourself. The game itself will prove my point.

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55555 Is chaos server included

Is the choas server included in this ragnarok online?

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44444 response to Jay

Jay obviously is new to MMO's. Compared to other games i find players in RO very friendly. At least i speak for the Chaos server. I have played RO on and of for a couple years and the way the players act isnt much different than any othe online game and being called a noob shoudln't offend you if you purposly broke the terms of service and were kill stealing. The merchant class is a way to make people money and bring rare items to the masses. Without merchants it could take weeks to aquire certain items and money.

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55555 help me pls....

please somebody tell me where to download ragnarok offline please... because i want to play ragnarok please send it to my email thx so much... !!!

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55555 ragnaroking yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

heheh hi guys me and me hunter ands knight da great wort at ragnarok da i leave a cheat for u type /noshift on your chat screen and then all aco heal all undead monsters it will attak them with a high damage with heal but if u heal any other tyep of monster then it will heal them

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55555 Any Rag is great

Looks awesome to me

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55555 quality game

awesome game its much more than a simple game

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55555 Help! Ragnarok Offline!

pls help me where can I download ragnarok offline for free... pls.. help.. send it to my e-mial add: thanks... pls help..

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55555 Ro

this game is awsome... and as for ur long essay =P i disagree with a few points... such as merchants selling stuf for overprice... one fact is... some merchants dont know how much it cost so they just make a random high price.. 2nd the equip might be slotted which will raise the price massivly...Sure it mite be a little bit expensive for noobs... but why would noobs need such expensive stuff to start off with.. just hook urself up with a blade that can be bought easily by earning moeny from monsters and ur rdy to for peoplle asking for zenny.. as if people dont ask for money before p2p was ivented... i think that some merchants dont know the actual price of the item.. and others are just selling slotted gears which are more rare. Like my friend got 8,000,000 zenny on the p2p server, if u know how to play .. its not that hard.. I still remember when i was a noob i didnt need any expensive items except a blade i bought from the shop for 2000-3000 zenny... which lasted for awile =) ... anyways the fact is ... merchants arnt as greedy as u think they are. ANYWAYS! this game is awsome game... got to be well experienced in ro to understand why im dissagree'ing with him =P

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55555 ragnarok


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55555 changed

Hey guys i heard that there is a new Ragnarok is that true

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55555 good news

omg i love this game, its like the rpg's u play offline but a chat at the same time the only thing is that i wish they would come up with new stages once in a while

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55555 review

this game is so cool

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44444 ragnarok

if you wanna play ragnarok make sure you have strength

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