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Panda Platinum


Panda Platinum reviewReviews for Panda Platinum

55555 Panda Anti-virus

in my own personal Experience and expertise with different Anti virus, PANDA has been silently putting it self in the pedestal of the most dependable and realiable Anti Virus in the World today..

In Fact I made lots of review about the different Anti-Virus Softwares but only Panda has caught to my attention and really surpasses my strict compliance when it comes to anti-virus...

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11111 Panda 2005 is the worst

I purchased this because of the reviews and am now in hell trying to get it off my computer. For downloading email using Outlook 2003, what took four minutes now takes over 30 and I keep getting kicked off the internet. The support line is useless as their hours are unreasonable if you have a job and cannot be at home when they are open and then when you can get ahold of somebody they cannot even give you a solution. Don't pay attention to the planted positive reviews - Panda Platinum 2005 is the worst program I have ever purchased and might just be the straw that breaks my computers back... Horrible...

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55555 The most reliable antivirus for PC users

Pand Platinum antivirus has features which are missing in most of the other anti viruses. It immediately recognizes any virus and deletes or quarrantines the same. It acts as the 24 hour trusted security guard for any computer user, either professional, or ameture. The ease of use makes it further acceptable world wide. Automatic daily updates allows it to immediately identify any upcoming virus. A user's delight.

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55555 Panda...the best!

I've been having Panda Titanium for almost one year now, and no complain so far. Before I got Panda, I had a lot problems dealing with different virus in my computer. After I installed Panda, the viruses are gone...forever. My recommendation to everyone?: if you don't want your computer infected anymore, get Panda. You won't regret...ever.

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33333 jorgen

i need it

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55555 Panda Software

please sent me this software

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55555 THE BEST

It is the best antivirus of the world!
Panda Antivirus Central are in Spain and is one of most site secret of here :P

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55555 Its great have been using since norton suxxed coz ....

I neevr used to get any updates ..the server seemed busy all the time ....
Panda Antivirus Platinium 7.0 is a very good, simple tool(the interface could be made much cooler...although i'm happy with the current one )and very effective .. it has an auto update facility which is really good and even can be upgraded when new versions are released ...

I only wanted to know if this cureent version can be upgarded or used with the Recently launched TruPrevent Technologies.

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55555 BEST

The best AV I found is Panda Platinum 7.0, especially its auto update,,,, Excellent

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55555 rating is high

it very excellent that PANDA ANTIVRUS

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44444 Panda AV P.

I downloaded it as it was packaged with System Mechanic. Overall,it's a very good AV fighter. It bugs you to register or purchase all the time(can't recall), and you run out of updates after awhile but it's still a good av.

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55555 complete

I am using it after getting tired of many popular like Norton Mcafee AVG all. But believe me this is one you need all and once

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44444 pada antivirus

almost at the top
its a virus deleter

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44444 Panda AV

I think this is one of the best (McAfee, Norton, PCcillin).

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55555 Antie virus


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