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Panda Platinum Internet Security


Panda Platinum Internet Security reviewReviews for Panda Platinum Internet Security

11111 Panda securtiy

I installed Panda and can't get rid of it. The problem is my computer runs slow because this thing takes up so many megabytes. It takes 75 of them. Everytime I,ve tried to uninstall it I get a malware thing and if I delete this I am afraid that I will lose everything. So this means I have to get some one to come in at a huge expense to get this crap of my computer. I would not recommend this spyware to anyone and would never use it again myself.

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22222 Panda Anti-Virus + Firewall - not so good anymore

I first installed Panda with a new computer in January 2006. Worked great. Upgraded to 2007 when it came out in November 2006. Had no issue with tech support - toll free number. Very helpful.

Recently I noticed my whole system has slowed down. Ran a complete scan & got messages about Hack Tool. Panda said it neutralized (by renaming files); then said it couldn't get rid of files. I have run back to back scans. Still there. I tried e-mailing tech support. They told me to scan in Safe mode. Did. No change. I tried calling tech support. Company name & phone number changed. Finally got through & talked to a Vice Pres. Sent her e-mails (tech support just stopped answering me) and asked for refund. She said she'd have a techie phone me. He's e-mailed me, asking for a time; I gave him one. No phone call.

Luckily I only have another month to go on my subscription. I don't want to get rid of it until I can get some answers. I took it to the store where I'd bought it; their resident geek gave me a free tune-up; can't find out what's wrong.

Now am nervous I won't be able to get rid of Panda.

Now my system doesn't always download complete files, just little bits and pieces.

Any suggestions out there?

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33333 Panda Platinum internet security 2007

Ever since I installed this software, my PC takes a long time to work and if I want to access the internet after its been idle for a while, I have to restart my pc, wait for it to restart and then I can connect to the internet. Tech support is painfully slow- when they bother at all to answer and the FAQ does not solve my problem. I am open to suggestions for a new antivirus software.

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33333 Suspected Panda problem

I'm a happy owner of Panda Platinum at my work computer, but since I'll replace the home computer soon I did not bother buying an antivirus for it. I just downloaded free trial version of Panda and it has been running good. But the 30days trial period was over recently so I uninstalled it to download another antivirus 30days trial programme. The problem is I cannot go into any of the major antivirus maker websites (mcafee, symantec, kaspersky etc.)it says "this page cannot be displayed" but I can easily go into panda website. What is going on???? There is a bad smell about this??? I hope I'm wrong otherwise although I'm very satisfied (minus the constant panda warning pop-ups)I'll remove Panda from my work computer, because such behaviour is not ethical.

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11111 Uninstalling Panda Internet Security 2005

I currently have Panda Internet Security 2005 on my computer and I have tried to uninstall it with no success. I have tried removing it from my computer, uninstalling it and all I am left with is a red cross on the icon. Can anyone give me any help how to get rid of it?

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55555 Panda Platinum Internet Security 2005

I have used Panda for a few years and found i have had the same problem as most of the Reviews, Panda has been great in at detecting virus ect but have had the same problems as the other uses.
-would not allow it's self to be uninstalled
-every single component on the list (automatic file, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-dialler, and anti-spam protection as well as web content filtering) ALL disabled on almost every start-up.
-tech-support a waste of time (over 3 months now)
Panda is very easy to use but i have decided to change my software to someone else who keep customers.

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55555 great software 1 problem

Saw a link for this panda bear and decided to download the package. It does all it sdays it does for a internet security packe it is outstanding. however; it it just a trial test package and needed to be removed via the unistall application??? Well, ran the uninstall and to my surprize the pand would not allow it's self to be uninstalled. Okay, lets call panda @ 1-881-543-6901 atleast that's the tech support number that is given. It's no longer in service and now my system has to be re-installed. MSN will not run or AOL. or any other ISP for that matter. Now I' back at the site and trying to make contact and have gotten not reponse so I write this review. Great software terrible support.

IMptie: EMail: if you can help

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11111 Good product, but let down by truly AWFUL tech support.

I have been using Panda Platinum Internet Security since February 2005, and before that Panda Platinum 7.0, which was installed as a three month trial when I bought my new computer.

Having found Panda Platinum 7.0 to be excellent at protecting my computer and very user friendly, I decided, at the end of the three months to continue using Panda.

Unfortunately, by this time Panda Platinum 7.0 was 'old hat' and no longer available, and so I purchased the nearest thing to it that I could find, Panda Platinum Internet Security.

For almost five glorious months I had no problems with it at all, despite using the internet via a university LAN in my halls of residence (known to be hotbed of viruses).

I used the internet heavily, but my computer remained uninfected until one terrible day in late June, when I was, ironically NOT using a university LAN, but a relatively safe, domestic broadband one.

Having opened a routine e-mail, I got a pop-up message from Panda, informing me of a spyware infection (whether this was due to the e-mail I don’t know).

Although the spyware was then 'neutralised' and the computer 'disinfected' automatically by the software, from then on, I have experienced problems.

To begin with, sometimes when I switched my computer on, I would be informed by a pop-up that the protection was 'low' and the automatic file protection was disabled, even though I hadn't altered any settings on the software.

At first this seemed a minor problem, and restarting the computer would often rectify it. However, the problem only got worse and became increasingly frequent, with every single component on the list (automatic file, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-dialler, and anti-spam protection as well as web content filtering) ALL disabled on almost every start-up, regardless of how many times I had restarted or clicked the ‘enable’ button!

I became convinced that this must be due to a virus, so, having declared war on the problem, I got to work, and began to scan the 'Whole System'.

Except, therein lay yet another gremlin...the scan froze, and the computer helpfully informed me that it was 'not responding'.

Since then every attempt to scan any part of the computer for viruses has been to no avail. I eventually had to resort to 'Panda Active Scan' on the company's website to put my mind to rest. This proved my computer to be virus free apart from two spyware items, which I deleted myself (and may have, to be fair, unable to be detected by my older version of Panda, despite the daily updates).

However this did not solve to problem.

In despair I e-mailed panda (two weeks ago now) via their tech-support address.

I have still not had a reply. Incredible, when you consider that technical support is supposedly included in the package.

At my wits end, a week later, I reinstalled the software. On the first attempt this didn’t work. Before the second attempt I dredged the computer, removing any trace of any free web software or other antivirus software that could be upsetting it.

Finally, having also done a disk cleanup and defragmented, I felt that the computer was in peak condition, and that now was as good a time as any to try the installation again.

I waited with baited breath as the computer restarted after the installation... it still hadn’t worked. Unbowed I tried a third time. This proved to be third time lucky.... well, sort of.

The truth of the matter is that, it isn't really fixed after all, just not quite as bad. Every other time I switch on my computer, it still complains that it 'could not load the automatic file protection' and on checking the status, the automatic file protection (thought thankfully none of the other features - so far) is disabled.

A week after the first e-mail (having still had no response from the first), I e-mailed them again, but this time through the tech support page of the website.

Or at least I attempted to.

I obediently filled in the online form. On reaching 'select you product' (or something to that affect) I clicked the down pointing arrow to access the drop-down menu. But no menu appeared. Refusing to be put off, I entered the exact name of the product in the 'version' box instead. I clicked the send button; only to find that this was not possible I had not filled in all the required boxes. I tried again but with no success.

Not to be beaten, I painstakingly noted down all the fields from the webpage, and filled them in on an ordinary e-mail. I sent it off with a detailed description of the problem, and I STILL haven't received a reply, or even an acknowledgement. Conveniently for Panda, I cannot afford to call the tech support phone line, (an 090 number).

I have however, received an unconnected e-mail from Panda, telling me of a special offer regarding the latest version of the product. Customer support my not be their forte, but marketing clearly is.

As for the new version, I am now in two minds as to whether or not to upgrade. With six months subscription left on my current software, I cannot afford, as a student to waste half a year’s subscription, which was included in the package, by changing to another company’s product. However to keep the remaining six months I would have to switch to another Panda product, and I'm not sure if I want to take that risk.

For the time being at least I am left with three equally unsatisfactory options:

1) Carry on until my Panda software expires and becomes 'extinct',
2) 'Feed' the Panda company just a bit more 'eucalyptus' to get the new version, and keep my computer happy,
3) Send the Panda 'back to the jungle', and get an antivirus program from another company, losing six months subscription.

You have been warned.... this Panda can be an exceedingly temperamental animal

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11111 Panda Internet Security 2005

This new Panda product is a bagful of conflicts and headaches. It installs if you are lucky - but that does mean it is going to work. When I eventually got the thing to install I received all kinds of error messages from the system, and the firewall and sentinel worked only when they felt like it.

Even though I switched off the anti-spam option, the program conflicted with Cloudmark, my regular (and excellent!) anti-spam ware. To get Panda to work I had to uninstall Cloudmark ... only to find Panda's anti-spam routine falls on the wrong side of just about useless. Uninstalling Panda was even harder... it simply would not leave my computer. I had to get rid of it manually using the cheat sheet from tech support.

All this, plus the program's constant failure to recognise my password and username (until one day when it suddenly did for reasons still unclear to me) means a low, low score for the successor of Panda Platimun 7.

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11111 Panda platinum 2005

I registered "panda platinum 2005" four days ago, and I still have not received my user name and password. I sent several emails to customer services and technical support but I have not had any response. I am left now, without user name and password, and therefore, unable to configure updates. I think it is very bad service, and I will never purshase any other products from panda anymore. This is a real nightmare.

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55555 Outstanding

its cool and very good as compared to lots of others specially for its truprevent technologies, don't believe disable its real time protection for known virues, leave truprevnet on, download kazaa and install and then u will get the proof, i like its have every thing which is necessary for internet, first internetsecurtiy which also scan registry for viruses, where symantec,mcafee and others don't

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55555 mmm

Very good

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55555 panda software

panda software 1st class. it beat mcafee including direct help from a online service. its clears trojans etc.

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I would like to say the internet user tht even though PANDA gives all the softtwares in one.. its not tht good as compared to others..

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55555 Panda Platinum Internet Security

Throughout the years that I have had intenet access and used various antivirus software and NOW firewall, spyware.

I was VERY pleased with the results of the scan. Recenty downloward PC-cillin which is highly recommended. It could not get rid of two spyware which resided in the computer. Even Spyhunter could not get rid of it.

I did a search and found Panda Software. I installed the 30 day software. Now, I have all products in one software. Now, one annual renewal fee.

I am sold on Panda Software

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