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Norton Internet Security


Norton Internet Security reviewReviews for Norton Internet Security

11111 NIS 2006

Firstly I have only been able to send ONE email (Windows XP) since renewing my Norton IS sub Aug 2006. It's driven me to distraction. I have to wait, at start-up, while it checks my programmes even though it "doesn't recognise some", and now I cannot get the PC to restore on any date within the last 3 months. For me NIS 2006 is bad news - and I bought 2 years of it at a "bargain" price!!!

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55555 Norton Internet Security 2007.

I found it very easy to install. In comparison with Zone Alarm, its far less "Fiddly" Even chaging the options is virtually idiot proof.The best thing about it the firewall. It decides whats safe and what isn't and best of all no pop ups!!. Excellent program.

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11111 Norton... Not so much!

I have used Norton Virus Protection and Norton Internet Security for several years. I am currently running NIS 2006. My experience with these products has not been good but out of fear I just renewed my subscription. Since then I have had nothing but trouble with NIS. Since my renewal is within the grace period I decided to request a refund. I tried to do this on-line but found it an impossible waste of effort. Their web site and support are as useless as their product. From Norton Internet Security I clicked on support linked to their web site. Once there, I tried to apply for a refund but their system did not recognize my subscription renewal order number. It did recognize my product order number for NIS 2006 but that is not refundable so no help there. I gave up on requesting a refund and decided to contact support. If you click on “contact us” There are 2 options, Telephone or Email. Telephone support was down because of an earthquake in Taiwan. I decided to try email. I clicked on email and got the following security alert:
There is a problem with this website's security certificate.
The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
Click here to close this webpage.
Continue to this website (not recommended).
How ironic is that? I know I was on their site because I navigated there by clicking on support in NIS. You would think an internet security company could maintain their own security certificates. I’m not surprised though because everything Symantec does is designed to make you hate them. Their product is abysmal. It bogs my system down to a crawl, disrupts the performance of other applications and hogs system resources. If you put NIS on your computer you’d better get used to staring at the hourglass icon for long periods of time, Especially if you don’t have tons of virtual memory and hard disk space available. Nortons CCapp retards start up forever and won’t shut down when you want to log off. Recently I had to reinstall my windows xp operating system. After that I had major problems with NIS and had to uninstall it. It was then I realized how much better my system ran without it. I had already paid my renewal fee so I downloaded and reinstalled NIS and have had nothing but trouble since. I tried to leave feedback on Symantecs web site but typical of them, that does not work either. I wrote a long complaint, then clicked on submit. An error message came up saying to go back and correct the highlighted areas. When I clicked the back button all the text I had typed in was gone… just because I had failed to enter a subject line in the feedback report. I’ll be damned if I was about to type all that information back in again. If you buy NIS you’d better hope it works the first time. If you think your going to get good support from Symantec or anything out of their website – think again. Oh, and BTW Beware, Symantec enrolls you for automatic renewal unless you go to their website and un-enroll. Once they have your money just try to get it back. Symantec sets up road blocks so you eventually just give up in frustration. This is how they make their money rather than by making a good product.

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22222 I had doubts

In the past few days, I've been installing various firewall, antivirus, spyware removers and the like.

Point 1: Nod32 detected some exe files in my temps that Norton didn't. Those exe weren't supposed to be there anyway, but lucky me, I've got other programs to block stuff like that. Both programs ran a full system scan with default options.

Point 2: Nod immediately detected a dialer trying to install on my pc and prompted me for quarantine. I visited the same page a day before with Norton and I didn't see a thing (that probably explains that .exe file in my temp).

Point 3: The firewall is just an application-level firewall. Sygate was better, Outpost is even better and I'm gonna try Injoy Firewall and see what comes up. All of those firewalls are a lot better than Norton's or Mcafee's for that matter. Take my advice, spent your money elsewhere, and do some research first before bying products just because they are famous brands. That's what trial software is about anyway. And don't count on magazine or organization reviews, you'll find that all seem professional but all contradict each other (probably depending on who's sponsoring them - yeah, I'm into conspiracy theories :P)

Point 4: Recently Norton detected two adware programs. And that's that. No removal. Nothing at all. "Hey you have two adware! Have a nice day!" And

Point 5: It weighs heavily on your resources.
My conclusion is : This Suite is not that great, try Nod or even AVG or anything you like for antivirus, and use Sygate, Outpost or something like that for a firewall. And maybe Spybot for spyware. XP SP2 does a good job for blocking pop-ups and the other software, particularly Outpost block most ads, so NIS is not recommended. A final word, no program is perfect. But I wouldn't put my money on Mcafee or Norton. Mcafee was good when it was in DOS. NIS seemed nice back in 2002. But with so many new and good products in the market, I don't see a reason why I should buy Mcafee or Norton yet AGAIN, when they offer less than other products do.

PS Spam filter is not that bad though. But if you have MS Outlook, that's one more reason NOT to buy NIS.

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55555 Norton Internet Security.

No hassles installing. No hassles updating. No annoying ads popping up every few seconds dring me crazy. No need to mess with any of the settings. How much easier can life get! Worth the money. And for a few of the people I've seen bagging this product in reviews on the net, all I can say is buy a book and learn how to set up your computer properly.

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