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Norton AntiVirus


Norton AntiVirus reviewReviews for Norton AntiVirus

55555 Symentec Anti Virus

I am using Norton symantec anti virus from the last 10 years.. Its really excellent..

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55555 Norton Antivirus

it is the best protection ever because of it my computer is protected

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55555 Nortan Antivirus is "Mother of Computer"

i must say it's always saving my computer from that bad things which i recieving from my enimy... it is a very very good product for us, thanks Norton

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55555 norton antivirus

it is not one of the best virus detectors. it is the only one .it is the best i have ever gone through.

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55555 norton antivirus

a perfect antivirus

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55555 good but rare

it worked, and working

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44444 about antivirus


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33333 norton

Norton is great for detecting problems, not so much for getting rid of them though, whats with that.

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44444 trojan removal

i have norton anti virus 2005 and i also have a trojan downloader that it identifies but cannot quarantine, delete or destroy.
if this is the best then its not quit good enough

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33333 Norton Antivirus

Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus™ 2005 is the world’s most trusted antivirus solution†??? probably NOT. a proper title would be this: world's most commercially advertised antivirus solution".

uses a lot of system's memory. scanning of files takes a very long time. virus detection/protection is not that reliable.
there are other better antivirus programs available.. if your thinking of having an antivirus on you pc, better check this you can compare tons of antivirus progs based on their actual performance/tests

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44444 norton anti virus

I gave it four stars becuase although it works most of the time sometimes i notice that viruses get through this has on;y happened twice but those 2 times made it very hard

8 of 21 people found this review helpful
55555 Excellent

Very good,scans the computer completely,I havent faced any problems with norton antivirus as I have faced before

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22222 Norton Anti virus

Norton is not the best antivirus anymore, its net is getting a bit loose, and hackers have learned many of its tricks, the robbers always win, try new comers, i wish antivirus software would not conflict so one can use more than one, and be safer, the industry of hacking and spying is improving by the hour.

9 of 71 people found this review helpful
33333 Look at both the good and bad

Most of the reviews here so far are worthless. One word reviews like "Jobs" and "hallow" and simplistic reviews like "very good". My guess - Symantec employees just trying to boost the rating of this product.

I have been using Norton Anti Virus since the beginning. In the last two years it has had a increasingly significant impact on the system using more and more resources. It phones home which accounts for some of the system bloat but not all.

It is a decent Anti Virus program with a luck warm track record. Being one of the most popular programs means its also targeted by more virus writers.

Considering the increased bloat of Norton Anti-Virus 2004 and 2005 I have looked for programs easier on the system.

Before deciding on Norton give Kaspersky, NOD32, F-Secure a try.

15 of 36 people found this review helpful
55555 GREAT SOFTWARE... An industry standard

After using my computer avidly, a friend who builds fabulous websites for a living found a virus on my computer. He installed a few products on my system, that combined were difined as "MUSTS", and the foremost of the group was NORTON ANTIVIRUS. Put this on your system with "AD-AWARE" and "SPYBOT" (both free downloads) and you will have everything you could ever need (acording to the best computer wiz's in the business!!). IF YOU DO ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET, GET NORTON - PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER.

3 of 34 people found this review helpful

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