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IrfanView reviewReviews for IrfanView

55555 The Best !

I've been a fan of this freeware image editor for years!It simply cant be beat by even most for pay applications that claim to do the same functions.Even those who are not familar with image editing task will find Ifranview easy to learn and be amazed at the task they can complete easily with this top notch image editor:-)

55555 IrfanView

I have used Irfanview for several years. It always works. It never crashes itself or anything else on my PC. It gives me excellent control ovr my pictures. It loads and exits instantly. It's easy to use. It makes all my Microsoft software look like trash. If Skiljan Irfan would please bring out an operating system and an alternative to Word and Excel I would willingly pay. By the way I sent a donation for my copy of Irfanview. It would be churlish not to say thankyou for such a wonderful piece of work.

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55555 irfanview is great for resizing:

irfanview is great for quick resizing:
use mitchell filter and
then sharpen slightly (10)
Crop, annotate, make wallpapers,
etc., etc., etc.

irfanview is one of the best freewares
and it does not require installation!
(it's self-contained within one folder)
I've got favorite tweaks
(white background, etc.)
Try large (300pixel) hi-quality
thumbnails for quick review of
your picture folders.

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55555 Irfan View by Skiljan Irfan

This tiny software is wonderful! You can resize pictures, touch them up change the color and view all types of gif, jpg, bmp and tons of other extensions

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44444 IrfanView for Picture Massage

I've found that IrfanView has grown on me as a rapid means for improving digital images with regard to cropping, sharpness, brightness and contrast, which are picture characteristics most often improved with tweaking. And the price is right!!!

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55555 One word:Brilliant

One word:Brilliant

6 of 48 people found this review helpful
55555 IRFAN VIEW is by far the best viewer I have used so far!

It is small, fast and has all functions it needs. And it's free!

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55555 Irfan View

This application is simply stunning! Simple, fast, and multi-talented. It sits on my desktop and I use it ALL the time! Thanks for such a beautifully writen application!

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55555 irfan

If all the bloated, exorbitant, and user-hostile software i've had the misfortune to buy worked as well as this sleek little FREE graphics viewer i wouldn't be considering junking my computer [seriously].
The latest version isn't as fast as the preceding one so if you have a slower machine you may want to seek it out. Otherwise, you're gonna love Irfan 3.8. Be nice if he added identify-duplicate files [sort by file size can be fooled by any change], and added [more] video codecs [but this latter is epidemic among video viewers of course], but i'm embarassed to pick at this fine product.
There may be better products in this category but i've not found it. Just get it [and thank Mr. Irfan!].

PS: The slideshow feature is a bit clumsy [there should be a recognize-current-directory, so instant slide-showing possible]. But i'm through looking free thoroughbred horses in the mouth!

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44444 Good complement to others

It's my main photo refinisher, but not the only one.

(I always did, up until now, wonder what an "irfan" was :o) )

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55555 Irfan View

Irfan View is the most used Graphics Program on my computer. It does more than many commercial programs costing well in excess of USA $100.00. I use it to convert Graphics files, to listen to audio files, and to view movie clips.

I firmly believe that Skiljan Irfan deserves a medal for developing this marvel and releasing it to Freeware.

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55555 Ifranview

Yay! finally a good free image editor that does all the good basic things most people want to do (ie resize, transform etc)

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55555 Irfran View

I've been using this viewer for years and wouldn't use anything else. I've tried others and remove them and return to Irfan View exclusivly. This freeware program is probably as good or better than most viewer software. Adding the available plug-ins makes it even better. It can view any type graphic file you desire. It's the best!

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