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GetFLV reviewReviews for GetFLV

22222 Ok Program TERRIBLE Seller

If you need the program at the instant you purchase it, don't buy this program. It's fulfilled through Digital River, and it may be 2-3 days (especially if you buy on the weekend) before you get your key. Also, if you want support, don't buy this program. When it works, it works fine, but when you encounter a video where it won't work, support won't even acknowledge your request. I've submitted the same request every morning for months just to see if they'll ever reply. As I said, when it works it works fine, but if I ever have to load on another computer, I'll buy a competing program.

33333 I think I must agree. I have tried many times

I could not afford this to begin with. I feel as though I been swindled and it really pisses me off. I hate dishonesty!!!!!

44444 Review of new version

I purchased last week and use in on a few sites. It does still freeze during downloads. Have stopped streaming while downloading thinking a network or choke point issue. No effect. Yesterday it froze my computer for nearly 2 hours and the "brillant" manufactures of ultrabooks have integrated batteries so no way for a hard reset. Had to wait til the battery died. It download goods quality but on sites that time out on use I find it has to be refreshed (pause download then restart). It will pick up where it left off at but takes awhile.

55555 I have had no major issues with it

I have been using it for a while and only experienced minor issues with it. So, please try the newest version of it and post a review of it.

11111 Worked for 2 days after paying, then "expired". No support offered.

Purchase for $59.95. It kind of worked, crashing every few minutes made it take several attempts to download a video, AVG Picks it up as a virus, and best of all, after 2 days it said "your license has expired". I've sent several messages to them, received no response in the last month.

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11111 Software doesn't work

I purchased this software in a Gold membership version. I had difficulty with the software working and requested a refund. I initially received a reply while they came up with a solution, but now it's been 6 weeks and now my e-mails are ignored.

This business is located in China and you will NEVER get your money back if you buy it.

There are free alternatives out there. Download a program called "Stream Transport" it's freeware and more importantly--it works! GetFLV copied the Stream Transport software and slapped a hefty charge on top! GetFLV are cheats and scammers.

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11111 Watch out

I purchased GetFLV through PayPal. The only purchase I made that day using that card was the GetFLV. I received a notice that there was an additonal 180 dollar charge because, when I purchased the GetFLV, I agreed to accept some tack on service... I tried to contact the number that was given for the seller and was told that it was only a clearing house and they did not have authorization to remove any charges.... I would have to contact GetFLv directly... "IN CHINA" I contacted my credit card company and they removed the charge.. DO NOT BUY THIS!! if you do, be very sure you check your statement or credit card immediately and keep looking....

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11111 GetFLV

I did not see this site before wasting my money on this program. I have all the problems listed by the other writers and to add insult to injury, I bought it through PayPal. I tried to get PayPal to get my money back and they told me they only do that for ebay sales... double rip off.

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11111 GetFLV is a total scam.

This is the worst software ever. Avoid at all cost. Following are just some of the many problems I encountered with GetFLV.

First, when you try to purchase the software and you click on the link for purchasing, it directs you to the web page for a completely different program ("Super Utilities").

Second, the GetFLV software is completely unstable. It freezes immediately after opening.

Third, the software doesn't work. It has trouble finding videos when pop-up pages are involved, and it only saves parts of some videos.

Fourth, ever I uninstalled the software, it still remained in my "Add or Remove Programs" list, even though the program was supposedly uninstalled. Even worse, during uninstallation, it deleted other unrelated programs from my Start Menu.

Finally, they do not honor their claim of a money back guarantee. Even if you immediately report problems within 24 hours of purchasing the software, they will completely ignore you.

By the way, the "company" seems to be one person--a guy by the name of Terry Backer. The company claims to be based in Germany, but it appears that it is actually in China. Other companies and software associated with GetFLV are Superlogix, Super Utilities, and RegNow.

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11111 Advise against this software

Although the developer's site claims that the trial version is fully functional the fact is the Trial version is limited to 20 downloads and no more than 10mb per download. I made the mistake of purchasing a license believing that their claim of a money-back guarantee was valid. It was not ... email sent to them was ignored. Although the developer's claim is that " is full supported by GetFLV", I found this to be not true. The software at times did not detect some TV episodes and movies at I was able to download some TV episodes but, was not able to download any movies at all. At several other sites I had similar issues. I strongly advise against purchasing a license for this software.

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