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Fruityloops reviewReviews for Fruityloops

55555 fruity rocks

I posted last year n here is ma new thoughts!
I use FL 6.08 now and its so freakin good! here is a link to the tracks i have wrote on fruity. I have Ep's out on greenhouse recordings, flavor, blockheads and many more!thnks fruity!

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44444 Fuity Loops

ive used other programs such as Reason, Cubasis, Logic, and i found them very hard to use, when i tried using Fruity Loops it was very easy to use and has great features, but the only bad thing bout fruity, the sound quality of the track i make aint studio quality, and ive tried usin all fx/equlizers, and still i get no studio quality other than that fruity is good for beginers!

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55555 Live a Tranced life!!!

This software is simply gr8! I'm an am DJ and I use FL Studio 6 demo. For Trance lovers(Like me), you need to get this software. It looks a bit complicated at the beginning, but eventually gets easy. The thing I like the most in FL studio is that you can go into deep parts of a channel. Like the attack, release, hold, sustain, decay etc. And there are so many generators-most of them have their own built in FX and filter stuff. It sounds just great to listen to your own freakin' Music! Even if you're a beginner, you'll get every thing while working on it. And what's more! You can even export your song into an MP3, WAV, or a midi file in a demo version!!!

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55555 Fruity got me a record deal

Hey i swear by this software based studio !
I love it ! i have used it since fl 3 and now use 5.5 to produce all my chicago style house ! I slice all ma drum beats with its kick ass slicer that wee's all over rex(reason) and its swing/shuffle its swell!

Thanks image line you got me a career(although i dont make that much from house records)

Justin c(headdoctors)
Greenhoouse records

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44444 go! go! go!

I haven't used many music composition programs but i know fruity is the best. Before i started making music, i tried Qbase, reason and a lot of other software. when i tried fruity God! We just clicked! May god bless the original developer of this amazing sequencer.

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55555 Most Flexible on the block

FLStudio is the probably the best value in music production software. Combined with the right samples and an experienced hand, the sound easily rivals Reason. The flexibility and support, combined with completeld unique features makes the product a studio all its own. Not that great for midi, but who really needs a hard synth when you have the wealth of soft synths that come with the software for free, the great synths you can purchase as addons, and not to mention the wealth of free VST's available online.

The key is to get the great samples. Default drum samples sound like crap, no matter how talented you are. But finding good samples online is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. FLStudio is the single best rival to Reason currently available, and with its unique features and flexibility, it delivers a far more interesting tool.

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55555 Fruity loops - FL Studio

fruity loops. some say Best. some say otherwise. i say there is so much you can do with it you'll be amazed. sounds don't sound real???non sense,it's your job to fix that and you can trust me. Basically FRUITY LOOPS is ALL i use to make my Stuff. if in doubt, go to the forums at their website. speak 2 the pro's and they'll help you get the best out of the best!!!!!!!

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55555 DIgging in

It may take a couple tries and screwing
up several palletes but you get amazing
results. I reccomend that you use the
INS functions under the channel settings
to really get the sounds to be real.
Just feel the way that the sound should
appear visually and slide your attack,
hold, sustain, release and after some
tweaking and sound testing you can
seriously make good sounds. Also go
to piano roll by F7 and use the slide
function to give bends and even make
the (eooooouuuuuhhhhh) bass drop sound.

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55555 FruityLoops

FruityLoops is the best. Learn all of it's nooks and crannies and it can do everything and create convincing live sounding music. Just learn how to use it to it's full potential. Also try downloading FL Studio 5.

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55555 frootyhot loops.......


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55555 help

FL - great stuff.
Sometimes I can't play some wav files after reinstall or something!? The channels turn red and seems I don't have some codecs. Example - kick doesn't work, clap works....doesn't make any sence. Please help - on my email!

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55555 Great

Fruity loops is a great program to use for creating music in all categories, from hhip hop to trance. Its a great program i use and is top notch, you can use sample wavs, or midi instruments, overall fruityloops is amzing, and if you into music production get it. Also Ambelton live is a great program

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55555 its great

oh ma GOD i've never seen or used a software better than fruity loops

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55555 The program itself!

Well... I seriously think fruitys is a PRIIMO gadget for music and music writers like ma'self but the thang is, is dat I know how ta use it in basic terms such as normal beats, but, when looping is concerned... man, its just all phuck'd up. I can't figure out shiznitey, even if i tried badly. I've made sum phat beats that are just too dayuiim dull 'n' boring, if sum1 could help me out hurr than that'l be DA BOMB!!! Churr...!

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