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Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader


Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader reviewReviews for Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader

22222 Free?

A real pain to use. Free version cannot be used to read any long documents, as about every few big paragraphs it pops up a window offering to sell you the paid version. Even after you say "Later" (No isn't an option) it disables the reader until you restart the entire program and click the floating bar function again. I'm uninstalling it. I can do as well with MS narator.

22222 natural reader review 11 review

I natural reader review 11 and it works kind off, but I have a few gripes with it. First is the fact that the office plugin does not work in 64bit office. They claim it has an office plug in and yes it works for 32bit but not 64bit. They omitted to state that fact on there feature listing. I find that the office plugin when used on a 32 bit system is very buggy. The other issue I have with it is the interface(GUI). It is cute at first but it does not work well. you can't resize it and there is a lots of wasted space. It does not work with windows 7 Aro so you can have it occupy half a screen

55555 business owner/ CDL driver

After hours of searching, this is the only website that answered my question,"how can I change microsoft sam voice in adobe reader, read aloud?" Of couse adobe reader forum had a no answer to this question back in Sept 2009. The answer very simply is you cannot change the voice with adobe reader free edition. Thankyou

22222 crippleware

downloaded and installed smoothly, but has the most basic of functions, couldnt copy and paste to read from files so was completely useless to me. windows 7

22222 can't hear the voices plz help me

I installed this software to my laptop but i can't hear any voice ...plz if someone know help me to solve this prob.and also text to speech voice preview is not working in my laptop, have windows vista as operating system .do i install any driver to my laptop????????

33333 It works but beware of the word "Free"

I bought this software in 2008 or 2009 - can't remember. I also bought a couple of voices. The software does it's job ok. At first I would paste a section of text into NR and for some reason it would copy twice. This would be annoying if you made an mp3 and all the sudden found yourself listening to the same thing over again. The other thing that bugged me was the Pronunciation Editor never seemed to work. When I bought NR these problems were bothered me but since they "Promised" free upgrades it was ok since I thought they would eventually fix them. Well, beware. They don't mean "Free" by the word "Free". Buy this product and then ask for your "Free" upgrade. They will ask you for $10 to maintain THEIR server.
This product works "OK" but why put up with it's bugs and then have you pay to fix them? I recommend buying the voices and using something like: Clipspeak is Free in the Free sense of the word. Or buy ivona.

44444 Another Option

Natural voice text to speech reader is a good software. Although what I use and am very satisfied with is a firefox add-on Text to Voice. Very light and yet very powerful. It's completely free of course.

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22222 Failed to convert accented characters - even with proper voices installed

This software is completely useless if you want it to read anything with accented characters (e.g. fran�aise, mus�e), even if you have purchased the AT&T Natural Voices for the corresponding language (I have Alain and Juliette). It simply treats the those characters as spaces and breaks up the words. The AT&T Natural Voice demo on the AT&T site worked perfectly so it is not about the voices.

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11111 He rolls a mean cigarette!

What a joke! And to think I've posted links to this "FREE" software around the net. I'm so embarrassed by this piece of useless free junk. TOo MANY LIMITATIONS on DEMO!

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11111 Free text to speech... that's it.

This is the simple version of a text to speech software. IT JUST READS TXT and Rft files. Do not get it if you are looking for a PDF reader or a better voice synthetizer than Microsoft SAM

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I expected something better than unusable standard microsoft voice (!) and big button "BUY MORE VOICES". This is really not what I would call "free"

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22222 Free Natural Voice to Text to speech

over all a nice program, Shame that to be able to record, you need to buy the full program, a good demo, but not what its say's on the box.

Not free software just a demo

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11111 Natural Reader

I took time downloading this 9mb file to find that it is using the same voice which is available on Adobe Acrobat reader 8. Complete waste of time. If you want a better voice then you need to BUY....

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11111 Not really free!

The free version has only the default voice included in it. This makes the whole thing practically worthless. Then they tell you to register an buy more voices!

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55555 Just awesome.

I always wanted to know new and more information. But it was very boring to read. Whenever I sit down to read it made me very sleepy. This software has provided a way to over come that ..:) ..I am vary pleased to have it on my PC.

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