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Drive Snapshot


Drive Snapshot reviewReviews for Drive Snapshot

55555 Drive Snapshot 1.39 (Tom Ehlert )

I was using Ghost (12.0) and it would give me errors once in a while. Who need a backup tool that can't backup and/or store reliably?? I searched for an alternative and found this very good tool. Simple (no frills) and very fast and efficient. The program is very small and will not take up much space on your disk! I use Snapshot with the BartPE boot CD and it works great! (but you don't need to use a boot CD, you can use a floppy created by Snapshot. Again, this is a very good product, I highly recommend it.

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55555 Drive Snapshot

I have used Snapshot at least 50 times to backup & restore my system and it never ceases to amaze me; It's wayyyy better than all the other, 100% effective. I have NEVER had a single error or corrupt image unlike the myriads of other packages I've tried. Do yourself a big favour and try/buy this application. I guarantee that you will love this little application, it's a gem and a quick, easy and failsafe way to backup your system. You can even keep on working away while it backs up. No problem whatsoever.

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55555 Drive Snapshot

This disk imaging package is just short of amazing. It performs a full system image backup while running Windows. I have tried it on a variety of hardware platforms from Dell and Intel servers to desktops and it has worked without incident. No special drivers for drive arrays or mirrored drives. Works with SCSI, ATA, SATA or USB, DVD, CDROM and Network drives. Besides it's large hardware support it's also surprisingly is fast. Great product highly recommend it.

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55555 It is a God send for us NON geeks.

This program is a no screwing around welcome surprise. So simple its hard to believe it actually does what it says it does. I was using Ghost. But Snapshot is a dream compared. This is perfect software for the average home user who doesn't have time to play with DOS and restarts. It even makes a boot disk for you to use If you cant boot up Windows after a crash. You don't even need to read the instructions. If you are just a simple user and want simple complete full back ups, then I suggest you buy Snapshot. At least try it. Soon as I tried the shareware I knew it was a must have. When you try it for free, you will see. :) Enjoy your PC for a change, instead of worrying about.


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