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DVDCloner reviewReviews for DVDCloner

55555 excellent customer service

One of the many reasons I think you have the BEST DVD BURNER program for people to purchase and use is the WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Something like this is bound to turn up sooner or later over the years, and when it does the customer service is always there to reply and help.

55555 excellent

I've used DVD cloner for the past 5 years and it's been a great software package to use. Between the ease of use, and the multiple options like: movie only copies or deleting unwanted subtitles, it's great.

For the most part, the software works great, occasionally there will be a movie that doesn't copy well, usually due to the quality of the original disk but sometimes due to encryption protection. If it's the later, the next release of the software usually resolves the problem.

During the 5 years I have used this product, it's certainly been worth the price in my opinion.

55555 It can copy all my collections!

I have DVD-Cloner 9. It's easy to use. And I can copy all my movie collections! Good product!

55555 Fast program!

I use the program to copy my movies. It takes only 30 minutes to copy one movie to blank DVD. Very satisfied with it!

55555 It can copy True Grit! Great!

It can copy True Grit wit excellent picture! Great!

55555 It can copy my despicable me!

I can copy my despicable me with the help of the support! Good product and good support!

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55555 Good support

I had the problem with DVD-Cloner 8. since I installed the new software i can't seem to burn the message i get check Dvd- + cd's to see if they are compatable with the burner. So I wrote to the support what happened. He replied soon that suggested running DVD-Cloner as administrator which works quite well. i did what you suggested and changed the speed then i experimented and brought up the writting speed to 8x and then 12x it still worked and just to mention I use Memorex as my blanks and they worked. I hope other customers will solve the problem in this way, too.

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55555 great product

I have used it to copy my collection of 500 Days of Summer, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , G.I. Joe, and got perfect copies. Good product!

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55555 good product

I just bought DVD-Cloner. And it backup my DVD collections quite well. Wonderful product!

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55555 good service

Had a register problem and contacted the support. The customer
service is just as superb as the products. Wonderful!

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WOW, what a terrific product! Not only was I able to copy several of my
discs covering medical physiology topics (ie., electrocardiography,
neurophysiology, etc.) for my teaching colleagues but also I was able to
finally watch a DVD set only viewable in Region 2!! I bought it several
years ago without noticing the Region code, and I have been contemplating
purchasing a DVD player which is able to play DVDs coded from all regions,
but DVD Cloner solved my problem, and I can now watch it on my Region 1

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44444 can copy my blu-ray movie well

have dvd cloner 6 for copying my blu-ray discs, it can copy them to hard drive well. But it can't burn to blank blu-ray discs, strongly suggesting this function to be added.
Honestly, when it is used to burn DVDs, the quality is ok. And can copy to both hdd and blank DVDs, but except the bly-ray dics.

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55555 good

good software!I'm not skillful in computer. And this software can backup my storage DVDs with only two clicks. And the copied video is almost the same as the original one. satisfied!

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55555 great

Have bought it on Christmas Day. And have tried the movies get smart, hancock, wall e these days. It worked great and the copied image is so great!

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11111 Slow and tech support is no help

I recently purchased this software so that I could convert my movies to AVI or MPEG format and store them on a hard drive. I wanted to setup a media server that my PC could access and I could watch movies without swapping DVD's.

The software doesn't support multi-core workstations. All of my burn 'attempts' took over 2 hours to complete.

I tried to copy multiple movies in multiple formats. I kept getting errors and couldn't view any movies on Windows Media Player.

After contacting tech support I was told that I needed to view the files with PowerDVD (another purchase). I asked for a refund.

I do give them credit for two things. Tech support does respond (although my experience wasn't the best) and they do offer a refund if you aren't satisfied.

I hope others have better luck. I'm running Vista64 and using quad core processor.

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