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BitSpirit reviewReviews for BitSpirit

55555 bitspirit

I dont know how any1 can use N E other bitclient. Bitspirit is second to none. I have converted all of my friends and they couldn't believe how much better it was

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It' been a year now, and it did not let me down.
I used ABC, Azureus, Bicomet, Bitturnado, non of them satisfied me. I started losing hope in torrent technology as a whole, until I found Bitspirit...
Fast, nice-looking, feature-loaded, safer for my HD, stable, very light on the system, it is acting as if it is not there, while it is doing the best that you might imagine.
First I got into some trouble because of the speed limits, since I set them wrongly (limitless or below 30 KB/sec upload speed) but after I got that fixed it did not let me down any bit. It is setup on a machine used by about 7 people, and I did format it since I first installed bitspirit for as many times as you may not be able to imagine (not because of bitspirit), and every time I reinstall all of the apps, except for this miracle, I just run right a way since it is on the program partition, and it just goes on as if there was nothing.

Bitspirit is maybe the best application I have ever used in any category.
I remember the days when I used to pull out my hair crying and shouting because one of the other apps is not performing, and I feel fully relieved that I am now free... in other words: using BITSPIRIT.
Get it, Set it up right, and that's it.

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55555 BitSpirit is a Great Program

I didn't really believe some other people said about how good this program is, so I did a test myself. I used 3 other BT program with BitSpirit at the same time to download the same file, BitSpirit is at least 3 times faster then the 2nd best program, and so I tested 3 more files and the answer is the same.
Now, I chang to BitSpirit because is easy to use and steady. IS A GREAT PROGRAM..

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55555 BitSpirit

People this programs just rocks, unlike bittorrent; the downloads are fast and organizable....

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55555 The best

I used Bit Spirit. i liked it. I support it. Hope u do the same. I am writing this after using something like 10 bittorrent clients.

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55555 A must-have for bittorrenter!!!!!

Best Bit client 4ever!!!!!!

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55555 Bitspirit

This is a killer app. If you're still messing with Bittorrent and those crap programs, download this and welcome to a new world of filesharing with torrents.
Negative: It can be a bastard to get downloaded.. there's no mirrors.

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55555 BitSpirit

The best!

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44444 bitspirit

bitspirit is great

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55555 its amazing

it is soo easy to use and makes torrent downloads much easier than other programs.

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