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Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus


Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus reviewReviews for Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

44444 i want licence file fro avira

please send me licence file for avira

77 of 103 people found this review helpful
44444 Experiencd it is better than AVG

Was using AVG for years, but AVG could not detect a trouble some virus. Avira detected and removed. Planning to switch.

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55555 Avira AntiVir is exceptional software

I have been using AntiVir since about 2001 and have found that it beats AVG a lot of the time. Avira updates probably 5 times more often than AVG or any of your expensive "brand name" products. If you go into the options (advanced settings mode) and you set your shield detection settings and your scan detection and apply Heuristics settings to maximum it becomes a completely different machine. Far beyond the level of Norton or Mcafee. Those programs make me cringe and feel shivers of horror up my digital spine!
I have removed the worst of the worst, many times unknown strains with AntiVir. I have tech'd many of computers and always installed, updated and scanned with AntiVir with huge success.
Happy computing everyone!

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55555 The Best

This is the best antivirus I have ever used

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Antivir is without a shadow of doubt the best antivirus ive used, let alone free antivirus...
i have much to be grateful to Avira!
Norton has great detection rates like avira, but is a massive resource hog...
and its spyware removal leaves something to be desired...
avg free isnt too bad, but it is nothing on the detection and heuristic of Antivir!
download and use immediately!!!!!!!!!

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55555 Is Avira AntiVir PersonalClassic 7.0 GOOD?

Well, it seems very effective. But If Avira combines with:
1. ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.462
2. Spyware Doctor 5.1

Your PC security is HIGH enough.

6 of 38 people found this review helpful
44444 Windows Update

I've used this product for years and I love it. I just wanted to pass on that with my hp pavilion and vista that I had to turn off the virus protection in order for driver installation to take place. Has anyone else encountered this? Not a big deal. I kept trying to reinstall a sound driver. It kept failing. I turned off the virus software. Wola, it worked! Turned anti-virus software back on.

5 of 39 people found this review helpful
55555 Avira Anti-virus FREE Personal Addition

It was from reading reviews on this site that I chose to try Avira, so I's start off by saying how important it is (to help others)for you to take 5 mins to post a review after you've tried any product you've found on this site (helpful or not).

I already have firewall through Windows XP SP2, Windows Defender, pop-up blocker, SpyBot & Ad-Aware, yet my PC was still running slow. I've now installed Avira Free Personal Edition (easy to install) and within minutes it informed me of a tojan (whilst I was on Facebook) - & asked me what I wanted to do with it (chose quarantine). I've run Windows on-line scans & other registry scans which didnt pick up what Avira did. I would strongly recommend installing Avira. Im a notice when it comes to computers & my pc got a virus the 1st time I logged onto the internet (installing Windows Service Pack 2 got rid of that particular one).

Avira has an "easy to understand" log which records all scans done, virus/worms/trojens detected & 'fixed' and can be set for auto updates to be downloaded whilst you carry on browsing the net, and gives you "live" protection. Alot of anti-virus things I've tried usually only scan & fix your system - this one blocks any known virus/trojans before they attack your pc, warning you. Their website also provides an extensive list of virus etc so if you've found something previously, you can check it here & seek advice.

The FREE licence lasts a year (with option to pay for upgrade at any time). I guess when it expires in a years time I might be able to re-install it, who knows. Hopefully I'll be in a better financial position in a year to pay to upgrade.

15 of 38 people found this review helpful
55555 Avira

It was easy to install and implement. I hardly have to think about it now! I'm impressed! It is the only free anti-virus program I have found which has NO problems related to my Windows Vista. (The most difficult OS I've ever used!)

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55555 Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition - FREE the best antivirus

I have tried Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition - FREE and I was very impressed. Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition - FREE is the best free of charge virus protection.

19 of 45 people found this review helpful
44444 please read this

i admit it that avira is the best antivitirus ever, but i just want to suggest that maybe this website can provide an update for avira antivirus..
so, it will be more easier for PC's user compared to Notebook user which they can bring it wherever they want, avira users who used PC can simply download update for Avira it a lab or any Computer Center.
please take note that we will always visit your website if it will be done like this. thankyou.

2 of 26 people found this review helpful
44444 Fantastic

I've searched everywhere for something to compliment my AV's and Anti Spyware/Adwares, i run Spybot Search and Destroy, Webroot Spy Sweeper, Trend Micro PC Cillin 2005 Antivirus, Zone Alarm Firewall and this and i tell ya never once had a problem fantastic tool way better than AVG and Avast(used both before)

5 of 24 people found this review helpful
55555 download AntiVir

The AntiVir Personal Edition offers the effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation. detects and removes more than 50,000 ...

2 of 17 people found this review helpful
55555 antivir..personal

best antivirus out and its up dates.......detects great....tryed theme all....its 1 of the best.

0 of 17 people found this review helpful
55555 user friendly

Being online every day running a select few programs when I go surfing I want to feel confident, or when I conduct transactions. I tested its shell at a virus test site and it performed well. I have quareenteed several worthless bugs. My computer runs like knew and it is 8 years old running xp pro now.

0 of 17 people found this review helpful

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