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Aluria's Spyware Eliminator


Aluria's Spyware Eliminator reviewReviews for Aluria's Spyware Eliminator

11111 Aluria Spyware

I can't review since it is incompatible with Norton Firewall although they do not reveal this before the sale. Installation demands that Norton is removed. After sales service has been non-existent apart from automated email responses which fail to answer the problem. Their telephone system filters out actually speaking with anyone. They do not respond to calls on their money-back gaurantee. I am forced to believe they are a scam.

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55555 Spyware Eliminator is just better...

I ve been running Adaware Pro and Spysweeper, then installed Spyware Eliminator, and upon its first scan, which takes twice as long as the others, found four items the others never found! Excellent Product...

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55555 The best for windows

I was using panda and adaware for a long time now, but I felt that something was still harming my computer. After the first run through with aluria, 13 different cases of spyware were removed. Only one was even seen by Adaware and apparently not removed.

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55555 I recommend Spyware Eliminator.

I tried Spyware Eliminator soon after it's release. I registered it before the trial expired. The program changes have been improvements every time. The detection database is very large. Currently listed at 12,618. What sold me on the program was the support. It's excellent! I prefer Spyware Eliminator over any competing program.

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44444 Spyware

This program is awsome, it's protected my computer from hundreds if not thousands of pieces of spyware, before I got it, my computer was so slow, now it's lightning fast.

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55555 aluria

Great Program

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55555 Spyware Eliminator :)

This is probably the best spyware/adware eliminating program I've seen/used. It consistantly finds more than any of the others. HIGHLY recommend!

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55555 The BEST

Guys, this is a great product. It found things other programs like it didn't. It also has updates contantly just like Virus Software programs. BIG thumbs up!

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55555 Wow

Aluria's spyware found a ton of stuff on my pc, and so i got the full version and bam, it was gone. I check for update everytime i run it and it keeps the spyware junk off my pc. I totally recommend it.

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