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Ad-aware reviewReviews for Ad-aware

55555 Ad-Aware

After critically analyzing all kinds of antispyware, I have come to the conclusion that Ad-Aware is simply the BEST and there is no doubt about it, at First I used AVG Anti-Spyware, I must say that its an impressive software too and take way less resources compared to Ad-Aware, however when it comes to efficiency, Ad-Aware wins easily by a mile, I scanned my computer with AVG Anti-Spyware, tried other anti-spyware, all said my PC was fine, however my computer was still getting Bytes sent and received which meant that there was something fishy going on in my computer...and it was..... Until I scanned it with Ad-Aware it found TWO High Risk Spyware apart from the tracking cookies and it removed them, after that I got no problems!! Oh yes, let me tell you that IT IS a bit heavy on resources,(Ad-Watch takes like 55mb of my RAM, which is 1 GB in total) but its EXTREMELY Effective, Get it guys it Rocks!

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33333 Used to be a 4, never a 5

This program gives too many users a false sense of security. It is a decent supplement to other anti-spyware or anti-adware, unfortunately, it can no longer be considered a great solution. Don't get me wrong, I have used it for years and will continue to do so. You can't complain when it's free, just don't think that if you get a clean scan with this, that you're actually clean.

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55555 A Valuable Tool

Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06 and Spybot-Search&Destroy 1.4 form a great team to fight spyware on your computer. Before these I used Microsoft AntiSpyware, but I was forced to find other, because I don't have English Windows version. Lucky these two find and remove more spyware than MSAS alone. If you don't have Windows XP SP2 (=with ActiveX blokker) you might consider to download SpywareBlaster 3.4. These three (without MSAS) work together excellent without errors, problems or other conflicts and can be uninstalled without rests via control panel if you are not satisfied, which I don't think, because these three are the best free alternative for MSAS.

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44444 good

Free, but doesn't catch everything. Get Spy Sweeper!!! It's by faaaaar the best. But Ad-Aware is a really good free one.

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33333 A bit questionable

Ok, this program is very eye-pleasing, easy to use, etc etc. But it registered noadware.exe as malware, along with its registry settings. I don't think Noadware is an adware itself (it also does a better job than Ad-aware in detecting scumware), so if it's not a bug, it is libel. Much like the one where Mcafee labelled BitDefender as a virus in one of their ads on Google. Be careful with what you install on your PC. Hopefully Lavasoft will resolve this and several similar issues. Other than that, it looks fine, although SpyBot is free and offers pretty much the same. I mean, ok, Spybot does not do a PERFECT job, but if I pay for something, it has to work, and Ad-aware SE Pro doesn't do a better job than Spybot, so what's the point of paying for it when there's free software out there doing a better job?

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55555 sypware

excellent product

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55555 Ad Aware

easy to use, no installation problems, very efficient, definately recommend!

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55555 add aware

excellent software, easy to use and effiecent

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55555 Fast & tottaly usefull^.^

It installed quickly, it scanned in almost no time, it didn't quarentine anything out-of-line, & the pop-ups stopped immidiately! Which was great, cuz I was getting 3 every 10 seconds X_x

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44444 Fine established program

This is a fine and proven program that has won the admiration of the PC community. Should be standard on your PC! Interface is excellent but may be intimidating for some. Slight learneing curve for the inexperienced.

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55555 ad-ware 5.5


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55555 Ad-Aware is worth every penny!

I see there are now developers CHARGING for this kind of program! NetOptimizer and BlackIce now bundle such features with their other software. Why is this? Because even a net expert NEEDS this kind of program. Get the best... get Ad-Aware.

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