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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition


AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition reviewReviews for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

22222 Sluggish my system

I downloaded with lot of expectation but it didn’t performed well. In turn it slow down my PC performance.

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22222 slow down

AVG is good free anti-virus but it slow down the computer...

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55555 eaea

its great

55555 avg is great

It's working 100% sefty for me.

55555 Good

AVG Antivirus is a wonderful antivirus. It'll keep your PC spyware free & fast. For a long time I am using this one. This post is the one which can let you in a new world of antivirus. I'd like to thank him who has posted it.

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11111 avg anti virus

what happened to avg for windows 98?

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55555 avg free

Im shocked veryyyy.I used norton 360 on my computer and it didnt detected shit. But i figured since i paid like 100 dollars for the program i'd use it untill my service ended.By the time my service ended which was a year my cpu was going like 18 kps per second.I had to restore my hardrive using my systhem restore cd. After that my friend told me about a program call avg free 8.0. I used it for about 4 months and avg free was the best.I still use it to this day.I recommend it over norton. Mcafee is ok.

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22222 I give it a 2 because when I used it, it was still free.

Something that amazes me about us human beings is our ability to believe that what we are using (or doing for that matter) is the only way to go, regardless as to how much solid evidence there is to the contrary.

We also love things that are free, and will often give them great reviews again, regardless as to how much solid evidence there is to the contrary.

My experience with early versions of this software was just fine. They were one of the pioneers of free anti-virus software and it was certainly well received.

However, buy the time AVG had moved into the 8.x versions, I had long since done a complete 180-degrees about-face.

My experience was that the product used far too much of the system resources, and took several times longer to run a full system scan than anything else I've used.

Also, several friends, acquaintances and I all have had all had various malware walk right past AVG, as in we unzipped it and/or launched it, resulting is immediate infection and serious system disturbance. The AVG was often disabled and/or broken without ever becoming aware that anything was wrong.

I dislike giving things a bad review, but I'll do this the best that I can. I appreciate AVG providing free protection for so many for so long, but I cannot in good conscience recommend their product to anyone at this time.

Thank you for your time.

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44444 avg free addition 7.5

i have had this product for several years now,and now there telling me i'am not protected because its discontinued i need to up grade but they want me to pay .its says its supose to be free for the life of the product well its still out there so i should still get it free with the same protection as 7.5 very unhappy.

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44444 avg

Iv used Norton for 1 year on my old computer.... i still have it but im not using it... one reason that im not using it is because Norton took soooo much space than avg and couldn't find 2 viruses that avg found..... avg over ranks Norton.

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33333 AVG Anti-Virus Free Edtion

I used this for about a month and it worked fine, then when it automatically updated recently I was given an error messase that said that it could not update due to the original download being corrupted. I knew something was wrong because I was having problem with any and every browser that I was using i.e. IE7, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. OS is Windows Vista Home Basic Edtion. Never the less somehow the software was corrupted an d quit working annd now I am looking for something new.

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55555 AVG

AVG is one of the best antivrus eva it's free and is probably the best free antvirus if you don't believe me which other antivirus scans websites to tell you that it has a virus or when someone is trying to hack into your computer and that is it is 100% free

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44444 AVG

is a best for the threat viruses in my machine

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44444 i love this. and it's free

This is the greatest anti-virus software i've ever used. and free too!

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