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AIDA32 reviewReviews for AIDA32

55555 Answer to Karla

Simpel download Windows xp lite or hirens boot cd and execute Aida32 there :)

55555 aida32

Exceptional app. I've used it on all of my PC's since it was first developed and still find AIDA32 to be an extremely thorough and comprehensive tool. It discovers and provides information about one's PC that is virtually impossible to find elsewhere. I highly recommend it!

11111 Aida32 problem

Aida32 stucks on getting info.
COM Express CPU Atom z530.
OS: XP 32bit Service Pack 3

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55555 Question

Does it work on a pc that won't load windows? I am having problems getting a pc to run. I need a tool that will repair and tell me whats wrong. Does this do this?

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55555 AIDA32

Three Words. "Simple" "Quick" "Functional"

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55555 must have" diagnostics tool

no install, free, functional, shows all that your system have. (i have temperature sensor in CPU and it shows me C/F)

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55555 Best detailed component software

This is insane software tells you everything about your pc, its crazy best ever i was using another software now i got this one and its awesome

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55555 AIDA32

AIDA32 - it should have a +5 (better than rated 5) I is the most simplest but most efficient tool to take a look behind the screen. I helps you to see the thrue face of things that are behind. You don't even have to worry any more, buying a PC second handed since AIDA32 really tells you what the seller wouldn't (or rather like to keep from you). Newest hardware? AIDA32 tells you how "new? ha ha!" the specific software really is - you don't have to take just your sellers word on it but just make definitely sure. I wouldn't miss "my" AIDA32 for no money in the world! AIDA32 to my opinion is really priceless indeed.

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55555 awesome benchmark

I have used this software since it first come out. It has helped me to know where my system compares with other systems. also, if I need information about a piece of hardware, I know where to get it without a hassle. I have kept up with the engineers when they ended their project. Simply, this is the most valuable piece tools software one could have. This IS a must.

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55555 AIDA32

Well, this isn't much of a reveiw but more of a question, so i don't have much of a rating. Umm... where exactly does it show you what the driver is, for example "video controller" it says it there but it dosen't tell me what Iwhat the controller is called, where does it tell me? Or does it even tell me? I just formatted my hard drive because of a virus, and I'm sort of knew at the whole "download drive: thing and I'm not very technical either, well, if you could reply, that would be great.

Oh, and (not double posting) it says some thing like "Device recource" the it says 'Port' (####) 'Port'(####) what does that mean? Am I supposed to look up the number on google? I feel so confused! OH! and one more thing, do you need the drivers to access the internet? My brother thinks so but I'm not sure. Srry for the 'forum' type responce though

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55555 aida 32

a good system tool,but not working under windows vista 64 bits.

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55555 Great Program!!!

VERY detailed utility program, great for trouble shootting, I HIGHLY recamend it!!!

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55555 aida 32

exellent sofware for the betterment of the internet society as a whole , hats off to ya

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55555 aida32

thank you

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55555 AIDA32

Vital - I use it before ordering memory, new drive etc.
It is also fascinating to study

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