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i had to trouble shoot it to run in xp mode but so happy to find it,... have used it for years but lost it when my old pc died,... ty a bunch!

44444 2020 QUESTIONS

There is lots of talk on internet that the download of 2020 directs to a porn site, is this download link from Sofotex still safe??? Thanks!

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55555 20/20 Download Link

Yes, the link provided is safe, it is hosted by SofoTex and has been checked for viruses/malware.
Online virus check link

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22222 Safe??

I have been frantically searching for a SAFE download for 2020; is the link provided here safe??? Thanks!

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55555 I'm using a version from...

wow I don't know why everyone else's isn't working!! I saved the download I downloaded back in 2001 and burned it to a disc... I have never downloaded a newer version since! I was using XP forever and switched to Windows 7 the end of last month. I bought the newest version of Paint Shop Pro - 13 (aka X3)and pulled out my trusty 20/20 disc from 2001 - works with no problems!My friend Angel installed my burned version to her desktop and she uses Vista. So....Maybe uninstall, delete the folder, restart then try to reinstall? Or you DL a bad copy?

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55555 2020 Program

Love the program, but, as others have stated starting the middle of 2010 ~ the DOWNLOAD LINK does NOT work...Please repair!!
Thanks ~ S

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11111 20/20

I would download this if I could..... the download link is broken and the only other versions I can find are the old ones. (1.0.0)

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55555 Muted Backgrounds - Yes !

I use 20/20 all the time to mute backgrounds for my webpages. I found nothing else that does such a great job at it, BUT when I upgraded from XP to VISTA, I was disappointed that it did not work. BUT, I found the same solution as another poster - I just saved the setup file and re-install it (without uninstalling the previous version). it takes 1 minute and even though it's not the best solution, it does work!

SOFOTEX - Please add a Vista Version !!

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55555 20 20 Software

Love the program had it years ago went to get again and now the download link isn't working :( I even had a friend try and she couldn't get it to work. someone please fix so I can get this again.

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55555 20 20

Suddenly 20 20 works again with Windows 7.
Haven't done anything specific to solve the problem. Just started it after installing Windows 7 and then 20/20 works very well.

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55555 20/20

runs in compatability mode on Windows 7 just fine :-) I've set it to run compatible to Windows XP service pack 2 (which was what I had on my previous computer)

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55555 20/20 not working

20/20 works only when active on the desk using Vista.
Does not work even if it is Run As Administrator and set as so in Upset.

Can anyone, Sofo Tex, help?

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44444 20/20 for Windows Vista

Great software other then fact that it doesn't work well with Vista. To get it to work under vista, keep the setup.exe file handy and every time you need to run 2020, you just need to re-install it with the setup.exe, without uninstalling it. It will keep your preferences and will run. That works for me in the mean time.

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33333 can it do anything Irfanview can't?

hope not forced to rate this.
nobody has complained about the experience of this app described as "ad supported".
btw i doubt sofotex is author of app afaik, sofotex is d/l site.

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55555 20 20

The program is excelent if it had worked with Vista.

Running as Administrator works only when 20 20 is shown/active on the Desk Top.

After minimizing or activation another program as active/shown, it does not work.

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