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  • Spyware Doctor

    Spyware Doctor is an advanced adware and spyware removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spyware cookies, trackware, spybots, malware and o

    $29.95 USD
  • Identity Pro

    Identity theft is on the rise. Your own computer may be one of the easiest ways for thieves to access your information!

    $29.99 USD
  • AppenTrap

    AppenTrap is an api monitoring tool. It can trace program api execution

    $49 USD
  • The Best Keylogger

    Keylogger that monitors computer activities ands send the logs to a desired mail

    $49 USD
  • Private Folders

    Protect private files and folders on your computer with a password.

    $24.95 USD
  • ZDelete Internet Eraser

    Active@ ZDelete is an internet eraser software which completely erases selected files, drives, folders, Internet Cache, Internet History, Internet Cookies, temporary files, etc. without any possibility of data recovery.

    $29 USD
  • ProxyShell Anonymous Proxy List Surfing

    Powerful hide IP software,intelligently use public proxies for anonymous surfing

    $39.95 USD
  • Anti NetCut 3

    Anti NetCut3 protects your network connection against arp spoofing

  • Olive RedHanded

    Monitors an area via webcam or other camera attached to computer for intrusion

    $59.99 USD
  • LuJoSoft DeskLock

    LuJoSoft DeskLock is an easy in use and compact tool for quick computer locking

  • UniQFace

    UniQFace is a biometric PC access application that enables users to login to their PC by using the most advanced face recognition technology.

    $19.95 USD
  • Smart Privacy Cleaner

    Smart Privacy Cleaner

    $29.99 USD
  • Stellar Phoenix Word Password Recovery

    Stellar Phoenix Word Password Recovery recovers lost/forgotten MS Word Password.

    $29 USD
  • LanAudit Employee Computer Monitoring

    Employees PC Monitor is application for real time employee computer monitoring

    $99.95 USD
  • iCatcher Sentry

    Digital CCTV and security with Motion Detection and Time Lapse functionality

    $79 USD
  • SecrecyKeeper

    SecrecyKeeper: a data security system for preventing both accidental data leakage and intentional data theft caused by employees with access to such data.

    $50 USD
  • LuJoSoftTakeOwnership

    Just use LuJoSoft TakeOwnership application to give you a context menu entry

  • Free Mobile SafePatrol

    Secure on-line and off-line protection of sensitive data on personal computers

    $7.95 USD
  • Trust Delete

    Trust Delete is a remote data deletion software

    $29.95 USD
  • Wondershare Privacy Protector

    Use Wondershare Privacy Protector to clean history and protect privacy security!

    $14.95 USD
  • PE Explorer

    EXE and DLL viewer, resource editor, win32 disassembler, and dependency checker.

    $129 USD
  • kitProtector

    With the help of this tool you can block the user's actions aimed at wrecking the OS and performing unplanned actions.

    $24.99 USD

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