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  • RTF to HTML DLL .Net

    The RTF-to-HTML DLL .Net is a robust and independent .Net assembly to convert Text, RTF documents into HTML/XHTML documents with CSS. The component is 100% created in managed C# and absolutely standalone.

    $239 USD
  • Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse

    A major version of Snip2Code has been just released. This time, a new restyling of the web site has been produced, together with the introduction of the dynamic filters available for the users in the explore page. And a new Notepad++ plugin is born!

  • Happytime NAT Traversal Library

    Happytime PPLib is a NAT Traversal and private network (LAN) access library

  • Virto SharePoint Html5 Bulk File Upload

    Virto Html5 Bulk File Upload is an Html 5-based file uploader

    $799 USD
  • TSSI .NET SMTP Component

    TSSI .NET SMTP Component (TDNSC) provides an easy way to enable your .NET Framework supported programming/scripting languages (e.g. C#, VB.NET, J#, C++, .NET Delphi, .NET COBOL, and more) to send PLAIN/RICH messages based on the SMTP/ESMTP protocol.

    $99 USD
  • jk-ware Basisworkspace

    Basis-workspace for Visual C++ users for development of their own products. The workspace requires Visual Studio 2008 upwards and contains all source files.

    $47.9 USD
  • DC Return Key Enabled

    DC ReturnKey Enable allows you to access form controls using the Return key instead of Tab. This way, you don't have to switch between keys to enter codes, access controls, and navigate through your form, so you can spend less time defining events.

    $12 USD
  • PDF Vision .Net

    PDF Vision .Net, a new innovative library for integrating HTML-to-PDF conversion functions to Web-based and desktop applications running on Windows. Additionally, the library enables an application to convert images in most common formats, including

    $150 USD
  • Examples7 collection of Visual Basic .NET examples

    Examples7 collection of examples and applications for use with VB .NET.

    $55 USD
  • Birtus

    Source code generator for .Net Framework and compilation of 33 classes and 186 functions for .Net Framework 3.0 or higher. For use with Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, Visual Basic .Net, or ASP .Net


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