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  • Sydock XML Document Processor

    Sydock XML Document Processor allows you to work with XML-documents in the same way as with regular documents in popular text-processors, such as Microsoft Office.

    $200 USD
  • Xtracta

    Xtracta allows you to extract block attribute values from AutoCAD drawing files at lightning speed without even owning a copy of AutoCAD!

  • PickaCart Premium - Mauve

    PickaCart Premium - Mauve. An easy to build Database driven asp Shopping Cart. Use html script in the description areas or plain text. Two Option fields for product selection.

    $239 USD
  • Xofia Euro

    Xofia Euro is a currency converter and calculator that performs operations with many different currency units.

    $17 USD
  • PhoneAnalytics

    Phone Usage Patterns Analyzer. Effective Phone System is a major part of a modern office infrastructure.

    $69.95 USD
  • GenPageCbplus

    This Softwares permits to print EAN 13 barcodes on differents type of labels page (the default types are AVERY format). It permits to use criterias when printing.

    $24 USD
  • Meeting Manager enterprise

    Meeting Manager is a SmartWorks Plugin, which can be used to schedule and keep track of meetings and resources in an organization.

    $995 USD
  • RusFon

    RusFon is a transcription-Software which transfers Cyrillic letters in Roman characters and the other way round.Moreover is RusFon very useful transferring Russian names and postal addresses.

    $39.3 USD
  • PresentPack

    PresentPack is a series of Microsoft PowerPoint Templates. Each PresentPack pack includes 10 subtopics each with 3 different designs providing a total of 30 templates in all.

    $29.95 USD
  • SharePad

    SharePad is an information management system that can securely store sensitive documents that should only be available to a selection of network users.

    $48 USD
  • DateWhiz

    DateWhiz calculates dates by adding or subtracting years, months, weeks, or days. The major feature of DateWhiz is supporting the processing of a date exclusion list.

    $10 USD
  • Litigation MAX

    Litigation Max is a single user windows based application that will help you manage all of your debt collection and litigation accounts.

    $129 USD
  • GenCb39

    Software that permits to print Code 39 Barcodes on labels pages. Import function that permits to import the datas from csv files. Print from criterias.

    $30 USD
  • GenCb128

    Print code 128 barcodes on Labels pages . Several predefined labels pages ( Avery , Vicking and others ) Import datas from csv files . Print with criterias.

    $30 USD
  • YukonSoft E-Business Solutions (Y.E.S.!)

    Y.E.S.! 6.0 automates and integrates your physical and Internet stores, providing a worldwide distribution channel thru 14 international eBay sites.

    $599.99 USD
  • QuickNote

    QuickNote is a handy little program which makes it easier to write the same pieces of text over and over again.

    $14.95 USD
  • Schedule Random Tasks for Your Volunteers

    Shift Schedules Random Tasks for 100 People. The Rtasks Excel spreadsheet randomly schedules up to 100 people to up to 100 tasks.

    $49 USD
  • PageFocus Pro

    A versatile application for creating drawing, form, document, hypertext, and form-based database applications. It provides a set of runtime commands for developing form database applications.

    $69 USD
  • e-Lend

    e-Lend is the only and the most powerful lending application on the market. It offers more than just adding data about items you lent.

    $19.99 USD
  • ExcelExplorer

    ExcelExplorer is a new utility for quick and easy managing excel files. Using ExcelExplorer you can view, move, delete or rename excel files even without Excel on your pc.

    $19.9 USD

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