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  • InstantCashBook

    Simple, easy to use tool to help small business owners or operators record their daily financial activity.

    $69 USD
  • Depreciation 4562 Pro

    Depreciation 4562 Pro is a complete fixed asset system which includes book and tax depreciation, management reporting, and asset tracking.

    $189 USD
  • Depreciation 4562

    Depreciation 4562 is an extremely efficient way to calculate Federal Tax Depreciation. Form 4562 is computed with a minimum amount of input.

    $79 USD
  • ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software

    ASIFD is a general purpose hotel and motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, general purpos

    $300 USD
  • Calculator by Less-Mess

    Calculator that produces a virtual proof tape. Entries can be annotated, edited, deleted, inserted and rows can be moved.

    $25 USD
  • Artemis Accounts II - Light

    This highly functional accounts system allows novice users to handle all aspects of a companys accounts from Nominal or General Ledger through Purchasing, Sales Invoicing, and Cashbook and Bank Accoun

    $150 USD
  • The WIMAX Toolkit

    WiMax is big news today. People far and wide are talking about it -- although how many of them actually understand WiMax is less clear. We often hear terms like WiMax and 802.

    $199 USD
  • The Six Sigma Toolkit

    Six Sigma is a quality management program to achieve "six sigma" levels of quality. It was pioneered by Motorola in the mid-1980s and has spread to many other manufacturing companies.

    $199 USD
  • CHM OwnerGuard

    With CHM OwnerGuard you can Create, Distribute and Sell your valuable Documents, EBooks, Trade Secrets, Research Papers, Reportsor any other kind of Information in CHM format while OwnerGuard protects

  • 9Cal

    Calculator software with easy-to-use interface, various changeable beautiful skin, and paper tape feature. You can download new skins from our Web site

    $12.95 USD
  • TimeAnalyzer - Time Tracking Tool

    TimeAnalyzer automatically tracks your computer usage by recording your current foreground process in real time, and allow you identify how you spend a typical day on computer.

    $29.95 USD
  • The Monkey

    Manages all your bills, appointments, tasks, contacts, payments, budgets and even helps to sort out your mail too.

    $49.95 USD
  • Dealership Director

    Dealership Director is more that just another price of Automotive Dealer Management Software but a complete Dealership Management software solution.

    $495 USD
  • DepositWiz

    DepositWiz prints deposit tickets. DepositWiz Includes:Valuable industry standard encryption software protects your sensitive financial information.

    $49.99 USD
  • Test Compliance with Benford's Law

    Fraud detection toolto enable the analyst/researcher to determine if the distribution of a particular population of values, e.g.

  • Pro Tow XTR

    Pro Tow Towing software solutions for the Towing industry including, Complete Towing Map Solution, Professional Towing Lot Management,Professional Lien Letter Processing, Towing Truck Management, Two

    $55 USD
  • GCS MedOffice

    GCS MedOffice - Medical office management and electronic insurance billing software.

    $695 USD
  • GCS DayCare

    GCS DayCare - Adult Day Health Care facility management and electronic billing software.

    $895 USD
  • GCS MedSup

    GCS MedSup - Patient accounting, electronic billing, and inventory control software for medical supply stores.

    $995 USD
  • EasyTax W2 1099 Software

    Easy W2/1099 Software is a forms preparation and filing software for the Windows platform.

    $79.95 USD
  • WAP version of DVD Rental System (WAP DRS)

    WAP DRS adds value to your DVD rental business by giving customers access to your service core functionality from the convenience of their mobile handsets (search, sign in, rent, manage queue).

    $1 USD

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