Editors PickFile compression, also known as file zipping provides many advantages. But it is mainly done to reduce the file size. File zipping can be used to compress a file so that it can be easily and quickly uploaded onto internet. If many files are needed to be sent via an Email, instead of uploading them individually, which is time consuming and tedious, all the files can be brought together and compressed into one file which is much smaller in size. It can be used to reduce the size of back up files. Unused components on a hard drive can also be compressed so that free space is made available for other purposes. There can be many more applications depending on user requirements. The files can be compressed into various formats which again depend on user requirements. The zipped files can be unzipped by the recipient and the files can be retrieved without any errors.

    To compress a file you need software that can compress files. There are many software available. But most of them are format specific meaning they can zip or unzip in a single format. These software are usually called archiving software. Efficiency, speed and many other parameters are not the same for all archiving software. So users are advised to be careful before choosing one for themselves.

    Few things to be kept in mind while choosing an archiving software are-

    * End File Size: A good archiving software should provide good compression ratio which means it should compress the file to reduce its size to a great extent compared to parent file without harming the content of the file. It should allow the users to set end file size manually.
    * Different Formats: As said earlier, most software are format specific. That is why it is necessary to choose archiving software that can support multiple formats, since not everyone uses same format. Besides different formats offer different advantages. So that choice should be left to the user. Good archiving software should be able to support most of famous formats such as RAR, WAR, ZIP, TAR, ROM image files etc.
    * Time consumed: A good archiving software should have low turnaround time which means it should not take too much time to compress a file.
    * User friendly options: It should have easy options such as it should be able to show the users the size of the end file and the time that will be required to perform compression.

    There is one software that be recommended, ‘ZipGenius’. ZipGenius is a very useful, easy to use archiving software. It provides simple options which even a new user can operate easily. All you need to do is to select the file, choose what format it needs to be compressed into, the rest I taken care by ZipGenius. It supports more than 20 famous archiving formats such as RAR, ARJ, ACE, CAB, SQX, documents and the 7-zip. It can also be used to pre compress files which can be later added to ZIP archives.

    There’s even better news. ZipGenius is freeware  which means the users don’t have to burn their pockets to use this software.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

    Download ZipGenius

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