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    A archiving tool that allows you to easily create ZIP files in Mac OSX, YemuZip is designed and created by Yellow Mug Software with one goal in mind: to make PC and Mac-friendly zip files using a quick drag and drop process. This small and visually appealing Mac application is built using Apple’s Cocoa Technology. Although your Mac has a built-in ZIP-compression functionality, YemuZip offers some additional features, making it a must-download for every Mac user. This resolves the problem of having unreadable PC files when opening a file that has been zipped on a Mac.

    A very simple application, YemuZip works by dragging all the files you need on its main window (you may also use the YemuZip dock icon) and that’s it! The program will create a zipped folder of all the files you selected and put them in your specified location. You may also create the zip file straight to your Mail attachment area. YemuZip can also be set to quit automatically after compression and also, its compression and speed performance may be adjusted for PC-compatible files. YemuZip is the best archiving tool for those who regularly send out Zip files.

    Once you have successfully downloaded YemuZip, the first step to do is to select the files that you want archived. As mentioned earlier, you have two options to do this. Open the applications main window and drag all files there and second is, you may drag each file into the dock icon for YemuZip. Most people prefer to use the icon on the dock because it allows them to quickly drag all files in less amount of time instead of using the window that is sometimes hidden underneath many other active windows.

    Next, you need to create a name or a title for the resulting zip archive folder. It is set by default to “untitled” so you may rename it easily. After typing your preferred name, click OK to confirm. The resulting zip archive folder will be saved in any location of your choice. This location should be set by the user and will remain in effect until the time that you edit your YemuZip preferences and choose another location.

    To sum it up, YemuZip is a hassle free archiving program that is free, easy and fast. Ideal for users who do not want complications and those who want to get the job done in a shortest amount of time.

    Download YemuZip for Mac OSX

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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