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  • Xplorer 2 Lite – A Free File Management

    Xplorer 2 Lite is a small, robust file and information manager with many features that will streamline your work with files, one advantage is that it is free for personal use or educational environments. Xplorer 2 Lite is a free alternative to Total Commander.

    Total Commander is a well-known application so to say the file management section, but over time has not undergone extensive improvements. Xplorer2 Lite on the other hand also is quite old, but few know it. Functionality from my point of view is better, the usual location management is made easier, as well as the navigating from one location to another.

    The interface is normally a menu bar, a toolbar appear in the upper side and in the lower side you can find two panels with a list of files / sub-directories, The tree structure of the current directory and a status bar. Both the tree structure and a panel can be hidden. For each panel you can choose how the content can be displayed: Icons, Details, Thumbnails. At the interface, Xplorer2 has both tabbed browsing and tabbed columns. Basically, you can copy or move files from one place to another by using your keyboard commands or just simply dragging them with your mouse.

    You can easily browse in these directories by clicking on the desired location of current address.

    Useful Functions:

    * Display size folders;
    * The directory comparison and synchronization;
    * Can preview text files, multimedia and images;
    * Statistical data export in text format;
    * Text file editor;
    * Trunk files;
    * Search text in files;
    * Mass renaming files;

    As a minus, I think it is inappropriate to use site explorer in certain situations (e.g. when searching for files when the Explorer broke down), an advanced search is possible with the commercial version of Xplorer 2. In working with files usually Xplorer 2 Lite is well suited for beginners.

    Download Xplorer 2 Lite for free.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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