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  • XnView – Free Graphic and Photo Viewer

    XnView is one of those amazing free graphical browsers with which you can view and convert graphic files in over 500 file formats like: gif, bmp, jpeg, png, mpeg, avi, quicktime, and so on.

    XnView can be an image viewer and converter which brings together almost everything you could want. Opens more that 400 types of image files and can save them in 50 formats. If you have pictures associated with this program when double click on an image will open in XnView. With F11 you can increase the image in full screen.I put the “walk” between images to be made with left and right arrows (default PageDown and PageUp).

    Right click on a picture to find other immediate functions (such as Quick Slide Show, or it set as a wallpaper). But XnView also offers facilities management for images: you can move quickly copy them from a directory to another. You can also categorize those files. Of course, edit: the cutting and scaling, adjusting brightness and contrast by Photoshop filters (filter system is actually larger, and there is also a filter for FTPp). I liked very much the fact that you can arrange the items in different application layouts (the above is the default).
    It lets you to create slideshows as EXE and SCR files. It has a feature for exporting into web pages. You can modify the EXIF information, make lossless JPEG transformations, sending images quickly via email and also browse similar images. Finally, I conclude underlining the complex and well-thinking tool for transformation. Whether an image or multiple (batch), XnView lets you define a chain of actions that you save them as a script.

    XnView is a free application used on multiple operating systems for viewing, converting, organizing, editing and manipulating graphic files. XnView is popular among users because it offers many features typically missing from other commercial applications.

    So, what are you waiting for? Download it now, it is simply outstanding!

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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