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  • Virtual DJ – A Free Software for Mixing Songs

    What is Virtual DJ?

    Virtual DJ is the most popular software for mixing songs in MP3 format. It is specially designed for ordinary users with a passion for mixing music.
    For those who want to mix music at home, Virtual DJ is an excellent program. Its elegant look and buttons placed strategically to allow its use with ease are just two of the aspects which prove that it was created with care and passion for music.

    It is a good audio software to mix songs in digital format. Current versions allow not only mixing tracks but even the audio sequences. DJs can control the software with a MIDI controller or using the CDJ’s and mixer DJ software emulation of vinyl and CDs. Virtual DJ works perfectly in computers that have a minimum 900 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. The program is free and has versions for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X.

    Some of its features:

    * Standard controls (play, pause, stop, volume control etc.)
    * 3 equalizer
    * plugins effect
    * Register, Playlist
    * Intelligent Auto Mode-Mix
    * The ability to play videos and karaoke
    * Detection of BMP

    Thanks to Virtual DJ you will be able to run a fantastic DJ session using appropriate options for both amateurs and for those who truly want to become a DJ.Virtual DJ has a very user-friendly interface with which you will learn to work in just three minutes as if you had used it for years. Simply choose the music folder and start playing. Virtual DJ allows you to modify BPM, do loop, add effects and many more.And if that’s not enough for you, the program allows you to save your compositions and share them with friends.

    Tutorial for Beginners
    1. Install Virtual DJ and run it. Music files will be listed and displayed in the lower left corner of the program (depends on witch skin you use). Select the first song that you wish to mix and load it in the open deck. If the program does not start automatically running the track you must press the “play” button. Determine and set the BPM (beats per minute) has chosen song. On the first track chose a second audio file that has a BPM.

    2. After you find the right song to upload run it into the second player. If you chose a song that is not the same as the first suitable BPM try and adjust the BPM from the software interface and adjust the pitch.

    3. Also set the gain and pitch of those two songs to be similar. This step is very important for mixing tracks.

    4. Now you can mix two songs based on beat-pieces. I recommend listening the songs before you know exactly when to enter with the next track and so to make the beats to overlap. In your mix you should not have moments of “Downbeat”(that time when there are breaks and you can’t hear anything).

    5. You can use the SYNC button for better synchronization of tracks. You also need to work constantly with the mixer’s program, namely to adjust treble and bass track environments.

    Download VirtualDJ for Windows.

    Download VirtualDJ for Mac OS X

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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