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  • View, Manage and Edit Photos Using Picasa

    Picasa is a free photo organizer and editor from Google. An amazing photo application that will be perfect for beginners and advanced users as well. With Picasa, pictures may be easily sorted into different albums and also may be edited and shared to friends and family. However, for professional photographers that have extensive photo collection, Picasa may not be the best option as it offers only 1GB of free hosting service.

    The current version of Picasa has more and better features than the previous one. It now has people recognition technology, keyword tagging, geotagging and import features. Just like any other Google application or program, Picasa is remarkably simple and easy to use featuring a nice looking interface with three tabs that offers the following options: M Photos, Favorites and Explore, which allows the user to browse public photo libraries. Beside the tabs area, an Upload button is seen for importing photos to your albums and this also lets you view the photos as a slide show, share them through email, create a short film or a collage and edit different aspects of the photos.

    What I love about Picasa is the integration of the Web application and the desktop. Just like iPhoto and Mac, this application provides a hassle free process of taking photos from the desktop to publishing them online. Additionally, new features such as geotagging enable you to set the location where the photos were taken either by photo or by albums. Another cool feature is the retouching tool, which makes you clean the photo in a snap.

    More features of Picasa include:

    Basic Fixes – buttons that remove red-eye, crop, auto color, auto contrast, straighten and fill light photos.
    Effects – This tool is created to help you brighten colors and add photographic filters to your images. There are 12 effects to choose from in this program are: Sepia, Sharpen, Warmify, Black and White, Film Grain, Tint, Saturation, Glow, Filtered B&W, Soft Focus, Graduated Tint and Focal B&W
    Tuning – This part offers the most advanced editing preferences to fix contrast and remove color cast. Choose from Highlight, Fill Light, Shadows, Color Temperature, and the Neutral Color Picker
    I’m Feeling Lucky – automatic photo enhancer
    Text Tool – add text to images and place it to any part of it.

    Picasa allows you to create keywords for the photos and then use Albums to manage them according to your preferred settings. Similar to a play list, you may create a combination of photos in an album or a single photo in multiple folders and this will not take up additional storage in your hard drive. If the photos are deleted in any of these albums, the original file will still be safe. This smart photo-editing tool has an online tutorial available and a technical support group, which may be contacted through email.

    Download Picasa

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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