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  • uTorrent – A Powerful BitTorrent client

    uTorrent is a very well built client to download torrents , it is fine considering the resources consumed (1-10MB RAM, and 0-3% CPU, 260kb HDD, at least in my case) and will not count on your Internet bandwidth when you are downloading something .

    uTorrent is a free BitTorrent client. It runs on Microsoft platforms Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are written in C + +. Has the “u” letter as a symbol of the International System badge micro meaning one milionme and refers to minimal use of RAM. The program is designed for computers with low resources and offer more features as BitTorrent clients, BitComet or Vuze.

    The advantage of uTorrent over BitTorrent (the “original” client), BitComet or Azureus (aka Vuze) is that it has all the usual functions and does all you need to do and taking up much less resources, is more stable in my opinion, and the limit of the download or the upload works correctly.

    uTorrent Useful Functions:

    * Can change the downloading of files priority in the torrent;
    * The ability to download only certain files from the torrent;
    * The global limit of the upload or download;
    * The ability to resume interrupted downloads;
    * Download items published in the form of RSS feed;

    uTorrent is the kind of program that works so well, that you install, configure and forget it’s care to say so. It is one of the greatest software of it’s kind.

    The interface is simple, ergonomic features are grouped in the toolbar , in the left side we have a panel with discharges grouped by level of activity, on the right is a list of downloads with a subpanel full of details (trackers, peers, segments, files speed).

    After minimization, the application can be accessed from the system tray, if you right click on the icon, a menu will appear as shown above, where you have quick access the start commands and Internet bandwidth limitations.

    If you want to send someone pictures or videos, or archive large files, instead of sharing on other programs you can simply make the torrent, without registering on other trackers, and send the torrent file whomever you want to download it at the maximum speed possible. Even if someone is looking for torrents (torrent search, torrent free download) will not have access to your files unless you register the torrent on a tracker, or if you get your torrent file sent to the recipient.

    Download uTorrent

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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