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  • Tune Up Your PC With TuneUp Utilities

    TuneUp Utilities is a software utility, which optimizes the Windows systems, increases computer performance, ensure stability, you can even change settings in Windows, you can fix any system errors.

    TuneUp Utilities enhances system performance by removing temporary files left by the various data and programs used irregularly.  With TuneUp Utilities you can modify and customize the operating system settings, you can add a new design according to your preferences.  TuneUp Utilities automatically repair more than 60 possible errors that occur when using Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

    Functions, TuneUp Utilities Highlights:

    Start Center: shows a summary of system status and provide quick access to functions of the program, the program offers a rational aspect.

    Increase performance: turbo mode, fast optimization, data disposal, cleaning system files, boot setup, display and removal programs.

    Maintain the system: one-click maintenance, auto maintenance, startup and shutdown optimization system, hard drive defragmentation, registry defragmentation, registry cleaning, removing bad links.

    Customize Windows: Windows customization aspect, change some of the Windows settings.

    Repair errors: fix typical errors, restore deleted data, check your hard disk, manages programs that are still running.

    Additional functions: generating reports, restoration updates, update checking, information display system, permanent data deletion, editing the Windows registry.
    TuneUp Turbo Mode

    TuneUp Turbo mode enables a immediately boost of the system. Stop running those useless functions in the background.

    TuneUp Live Optimization

    TuneUp Utilities can optimize the system in two ways, allowing the use of the computer without overloading even if it was used at a full capacity. If necessary, the computer increased the response rate, or accelerated the process of starting various programs.

    TuneUp Utilities Gadget

    For Windows Vista and Windows 7, TuneUp Utilities Gadget is available which displays the calculator status permanently, without the program to be launched.

    TuneUp Optimization Report

    TuneUp Utilities allows the generation of advanced reports which gives you the opportunity to track the functions of the program that had already been used, and what improvements they make to the system.

    Start Center

    TuneUp Utilities interface has been completely renewed. The new Start Center is easier to use and provides quick access to various features of the program.
    Automatic Maintenance Options

    You can set automatic maintenance option, which will initiate the processes of maintenance work during breaks. There is also the option of manual maintenance that can start anytime.

    Defragment disks

    TuneUp Utilities can defragment your hard disk quickly and deeply.

    Hrad disk cleaning

    You can remove unused data, unwanted, old, or temporary files to gain space and to ease the system.

    Download TuneUp Utilities and speed up your PC.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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