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  • Transcode Your Videos for Free with HandBrake

    Handbrake is a free, download-able video encoder that may be used for Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. It is very easy to use and also does not occupy much space on your system. As soon as you download and start HandBrake, you will be looking at the familiar Open dialog that you would see on a Mac OS X. To use for DVD conversion, just select the DVD name. However, to convert a file that has already been ripped on the hard drive, just select the Video_TS folder on your screen.

    After HandBrake has scanned the Video folder or the DVD, it will show its main screen that offers conversion preferences. Initially, you will have to select the DVD part that you want to convert. For movies, this will be the longest entry. For TV shows/series DVD’s, you will see a different entry for every episode. Then, you will now choose the name you prefer as well as the destination folder for the converted video. You may also prefer to set the programs preferences to automatically name the file based on the DVD where it came from.

    Lastly, you will select the output settings such as the codecs used, file format and other settings. HandBrake features a presets drawer that contains grouped settings created by the program’s developers to suit specific device types, which includes the iPhone, the iPod and the Apple TV. Just choose a preset of your choice and the settings will be changed to work with the selected device. Press Start and the conversion of the file begin.

    Additional HandBrake preferences include frame rate, video size, bit rate, audio quality, the number of audio channels and many other settings for advanced users.

    Though there are many other programs that provide different ways to convert your DVD’s into a format that will work with your other gadgets, HandBrake offers the easiest process to do that. With its clean interface, presets and tutorial availability, even novice users will love this program. Use HandBrake to store movies and TV shows on your laptops, iPhone or iPod before travel and you will never have to bring your DVD’s with you anymore.

    Supported Sources:

    * Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD
    * Most any multimedia file it can get libavformat to read and libavcodec to decode.


    * File format: MP4 and MKV
    * Video: MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora
    * Audio: AAC, CoreAudio AAC (OS X Only), MP3, or Vorbis. AC-3 pass-through, DTS pass-through (MKV only)

    Misc features:

    * Chapter selection
    * Subtitles
    * Integrated bitrate calculator
    * Picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling
    * Live Video Preview

    Download HandBrake

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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