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  • Top 5 Useful iPhone Applications

    As the number of applications available in the AppStore is huge right now (over 250,000), for a novice user of the iPhone could be difficult to find programs that provide a great value to the phone. Here are some of my favorite applications.  Click on each one of them and start download them from the App Store.

    1. FileApp Pro

    The missing link. iPhone does not come from the factory with a file management application or even the file browsing. FileApp Pro lets you transfer any files from a PC wirelessly to iPhone (Windows Explorer or an FTP client) or via USB (using iTunes).  This application can read pdf documents, word, excel, powerpoint, text, audio and video files, pictures, etc.  With this amazing application you can even create folders, zip archives, rename files or edit txt-s.

    2. FTPonthego

    FTP client, with this application you can upload files on server, or download, edit documents or view a php or html documents and multimedia files. It moves quickly, offers upload and download in the background and ability to save data in the system log of server bookmarks, an easy connectivity for the next start of the application.

    3. Soundhound

    Like Shazam, the program recognizes song titles and singers who can hear the speaker or radio that you hum.  You can make sure that it doesn’t fail. This application starts quickly and is detected in just a few seconds. In addition to information such as artist name, song and album, the program also provides links to youtube to listen to music and offers the possibility to buy it from iTunes. All of yours searches are automatically saved when the application is closed, how awesome is that? Enjoy it as much as you can!

    4. PerfectPhoto

    A pretty advanced Photo Editing for a mobile device. Allows cutting operations, rotation, adjusting exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation and other attributes. It also comes with a series of filters (glow, pencil drawing, vintage, etc.) that can be applied to photos to make them more interesting. This application is free however, so if you want to save, you can use Photoshop Express, a free application similar to Adobe. But I must say that I prefer the Perfect Photo. So go ahead and make some Perfect Photos.

    5. TrueHDR

    Although Apple introduced the feasibility of HDR photos of the new version of IOS, this is only possible for iPhone 4 owners. iPhone 3G can be used for TrueHDR program, which combines three pictures with different exposures to create a HDR type(High Dynamic Range). The resulting picture is more vivid, bright and the dark areas are not being underexposed or overexposed.

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