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  • Top 5 Most Wanted iPhone Applications

    Below you can find some of the most used applications for iPhone. Our work is to help you find these applications quicker.  You can download each one of these applications from iTunes by clicking on them.

    1. 3D Camera

    This is one of those very easy to use applications with spectacular results. With this one you can make 3D pictures that can be viewed with a suitable pair of glasses (red-cyan) on your PC or iPhone. If you follow the instructions of the application, the results will amaze you. The effect of depth is even more visible as the objects photographed are closer to the camera. Because there must be made two shots that will be combined in the final 3D picture is preferable to choose scenes without moving, where subjects can stand motionless for a few seconds to take pictures.

    2. VLC Remote

    Stay in bed and run on your PC screen any movie from your hard drive. You have all the controls for a video player and a file browser where you can select the desired media file, regardless of the partition on which it is located. iPhone turns into a futuristic remote control save your from moving to the PC to give louder sound or put the movie on pause if the phone rings.

    3. Touch Mouse

    Comes from Logitech. Install a small little program on your computer, then the application on the phone and that’s it: control the mouse cursor from your PC wirelessly. Phone screen will behave as a touchpad. You can click the left or right and when you need to type something, you have a keyboard. Or you can make jokes: I’ve installed on colleague’s computer, then I struggled him for half an hour and move the mouse or add some extra letters while he’s typing.  It was very funny, you should try it!

    4. iPhone version of the service. This application will test the phones 3G speed or the wireless connection. Now you can see if your internet provider speaks the truth. Using this program for a long time, I can tell you that the values obtained from tests in different locations vary widely. Sometimes you can reach 3.4 megabits per second at downloading and sometimes 0.1 Mbps without counting the time when you do this test. Probably will count more upon the signal quality at some specific location. A plus point for this application because it keeps a log of dates on all of the tests that were conducted.

    5. TuneWiki

    Nice application, automatically brings from the internet those lyrics of the song you are listening and displays them in a karaoke system. It works only with foreign music, that would not be a problem. Besides the lyrics, the application shows you the album cover of which of your songs. The integration with Shoutcast radio stations in the network extends its usefulness, because you can see also lyrics of songs that you do not have in your phone.

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